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this is the first time i dreamed of something different.i dreamed that i was telling my guy friend that i was feeling cold and that person hugged me from behind and asked if i was feeling better..the thing is the dream felt so real that i could feel the warmth of his hug and his whisper in my ear...what does this mean?

Hey there Viesha!

That sounds like a really nice dream.  Very comforting I would imagine.  Some dreams can seem much more real and vivid than others.  A few things that can contribute to the vividness of dreams includes:

- Some drugs, medicatons and supplements (such as vitamin b6 and 12) can either cause your dreams to be more vivid, or they can suppress dreams, so that when the drug wears off, your dreamself compensates by having more vivid and more intense dreams
- If you are feeling unwell, sometimes this can cause more vivd dreams
- Stress in your life can give you more vivid dreams as your dreamself tries to work out your waking problems through dreams
- Not all dreams occur during REM sleep.  Sometimes dreams and other sensory perceptions during the hypnogogic (or hypnopompic) state can seem very vivd and real. Hypnogogia is the state in between sleeping and waking.  Sometimes people will hear things whispered in their ear, or hear a knock at the door, etc.  If you had this dream just as you were about to wake up in the morning, or as you drifted off to sleep, then this might explain its realness.

I'm not sure if you were also looking for an interpretation of your dream but it couldn't hurt!  Were there any other details to your dream?  If so, let me know with a follow-up question.  It is not really possible to interpret only part of a dream with any great accuracy.  But it still might give you a bit of a general idea.  

In your dream, you felt cold. This can symbolise either cold emotions, or the feeling of being "frozen off" from those around you somehow.  It might not be necessarily that people are shutting you out deliberately, but that maybe you are lacking that feeling of being closely connected to others.  Your guy friend coming up from behind you to hug you could mean one of 2 things.  Firstly, sometimes the people in our dreams can represent our relationshp with them.  If he is the type of person that always stands behind you and is always there for you, then this might explain that dream.

On the otherhand, sometimes the people in our dreams represent some aspect of ourselves.  How would you describe your guy friend?  What do you admire about him?  How is he different, and how is he the same as yourself?  For example, lets just suppose you would describe him as being very supportive of you.  Perhaps this dream is encouraging you to be more supportive of yourself in some way?  Perhaps your dreamself used your guy friend's image to say that maybe you should be a little bit kinder to yourself and a little bit warmer toward yourself?  The fact that he came up behind you might be symbolising that this kind of affection or warmth from another is something that might take you by surprise.  Perhaps this kind of intimacy is not something that you are planning for or anticipating in your life, but it will come to you.  Perhaps it is closer than you think???

Well I'm not sure if I've answered all the questions you had, but if I haven't please let me know with a follow-up question.  And if there are any more details from you dream, that would be very helpful also.

In the meantime, have faith that everything will be ok.

Take care of yourself.

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