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I  dreamed an old co-worker had pet pigs. The first was pink & the 2nd was black. The pigs were drawn to me. I kept trying to get them away from. Once  the pink didn’t succeed then the black tried. I was running away from them and closing the door on them. They continued to pursue me and attempted to bust in the door. I was annoyed and disgusted. Then my mother went to some woman and asked me “why are these pigs following her, why are they drawn to her” then the lady replied  “they want to mate with her” Please assist me with this. I want to know the meaning behind it. I am a Christian. I am between churches and do not know of a prophet I can go to right now to help.

Dear Denise,

I apologize for the delay in responding. I was launching a seminar series this week and have revisited your question upon my return.

First I must decline any pretense to speak as a Prophet, as one so designated has been purposed by the Divine Creator with the charge of making His will know to His creation. I have no more than honoured a gift with which I have been blessed by embracing it, and employing it to the service of others.

Dreams are given to us that, they might assist and guide us in our own paths. The messages contained therein spring from both that which we know from material experience, and from what we may realize intuitively.

Your own intuition is endeavoring to manifest itself to you in this dream. There are forces at play in your life that seek to, at once, distract you from the wholesome path your own spirit would take, and once accomplished, degradate your own inner sanctity. Beware of falling within the control of any individual or group that asks you to compromise your deepest values. Your inner voice can guide you, and if listened for, will alarm you to such motives.

No Challenge is Ever Given, but Assistance Abundantly Pledged,


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As an intuitive psychic , I employ my gifts primarily without physical aids. I do use Tarot or a speculum when the situation requires. I may also channel information through dreams. I offer my services on this site, without seeking compensation, in appreciation of the gifts with which I have been blessed. I address both the psychological and metaphysical aspects of dreams in assisting people with interpreting their meaning and significance. If requested to provide intuitive insight, I ask that you provide names to aid in my focus. (For your privacy, you may choose to use different names, but please pick ones that are relevant and meaningful to you.) If you wish to do so, providing age, cultural and/or religious information may assist me in tailoring my response to your experience. My responses are compassionate and polite, but may not be what you wish to hear. If there is anything I will not disclose in a public forum, I will indicate this in my response. I do not venture into Astrology, Numerology, Energy Healing or Spirit Communication. I work with and for others with these particular abilities, and will be happy to provide referrals when requested.


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