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I  dreamed an old co-worker had pet pigs. The first was pink & the 2nd was black. The pigs were drawn to me. I kept trying to get them away from. Once  the pink didn’t succeed then the black tried. I was running away from them and closing the door on them. They continued to pursue me and attempted to bust in the door. I was annoyed and disgusted. Then my mother went to some woman and asked me “why are these pigs following her, why are they drawn to her” then the lady replied  “they want to mate with her” Please assist me with this. I want to know the meaning behind it.

Hello Denise,  that must have been a little confronting!!!

in real life, mating or having sex is a union of sorts.  So in a dream, if something wants to mate with you or if you have sex with someone/something in a dream, it can represent joining together with or taking on some aspect of the person, creature or other thing you are having sex with.  In your dream though, you were disgusted and annoyed and you tried to get away from the pigs who were trying to mate with you.  So i am thinking that in real life, you must be battling with some urges that you are averse to or irritated by.  You might feel that you are becoming something or someone you don't like or don't want to be.

What the aspect of yourself or your life that you are trying to resist is, is going to depend on what you associate with pigs AND with your old co-worker.  Starting with your old co-worker, how would you describe him or her?  How is she/he different, and how is he/she similar to yourself?  What do you admire, and what do you dislike about him/her?  What would you change about your co-worker if you could?  Think about your answers and keep them in your mind or write them down.

Now to the pigs.  Have a think about pigs and the pigs in your dream inparticular.  How would you describe them?  What did you like and dislike about them?  Obviously you didn't like them because they wouldn't leave you alone.  What else did you think about them?  Pigs can represent quite a number of things depending on how you feel about them and what culture you are from.  For example, pigs are very intelligent animals.  They are often kept for food in small confines so they could even represent oppression of some sort.  In Chinese astrology, the pig is said to represent kindness, generosity, appreciation of good taste, etc. (See: http://www.astrology.com/chinese-sign-pig/2-d-d-49589).  So the symbolism of pigs can be a very positive one.  In contrast, western culture, associates pigs with greed, glutony and uncleanliness.  And given that you were disgusted and annoyed by these pigs, I am thinking that what these pigs represent for you is more closely aligned with western symbolism.

Now think about what you associate with your co-worker and with the pigs, and see if there are any patterns.  Can you see any similarities with something you are dealing with at the moment?  If so, this might really help to pinpoint what the dream is about.

For instance, in the dream, the pigs were drawn to you, and you were trying to run away from them and you were trying to close the door on them.  Lets just suppose the pigs do represent greed, glutony, for example.  It might be saying that you are drawn to or feel compelled toward some excessive behaviour.  However, this behaviour is something you feel negative about so it is obviously something you feel isn't a good thing.  For example, an addictive or obsessive type behaviour could arouse such feelings.  It might not be at the addictive stage because you were able to keep those pigs away, but it is certainly something that you feel the need to battle against and at the very least, avoid.  The obvious answer is that there could be an issue with food or body image, not necessarily that you are eating too much though.   I could see someone with weight issues and someone with an eating disorder like anorexia or buleamia equally having this dream.  And I note that while it was difficult, you were able to keep the pigs at bay.  Alternatively, it doesn't have to be about food. It could be an issue with too much spending or drinking or sex or anything else you might see as negative for you, so have a think about this.  If you are trying to control certain urges then this is sure to be what the dream is about.

An interesring aspect of the dream was that there was one pink pig and one black pig.  Colours are often difficult to interpret in a dream because they mean different things to different people.  Black though, can often represent dark thoughts and emotions or fear of the unknown.  Pink is a more uplifting colour and can be associated with femininity, although pigs are usually pink so its a little difficult to tell with any certainty what it could be about.  It was interesting how the pink pig would come and try, and then when you kept that one back, the black one would have a go.  So this makes me think it could have something to do with some kind of imbalance - perhpas of an emotional nature???  (Because pink and black are quite different from each other.)  If you tend to have trouble with keeping emotions at both ends of the spectrum under control, then this could be what the pink and black is about and this could, in turn, have something to do with trying to keep your urges, whatever they might be, under control.

Well those are my thoughts about your dream.  One other thing I wanted to point out was that dreams will reflect how you are feeling about a particular situation or aspect of your life.  They don't necessarily reflect the TRUTH about something, just the truth about your feelings.  So just say that you ARE feeling a little annoyed or even disgusted with yourself for whatever reason, the dream does not mean that you are right to feel that way.  In fact, it is more likely to be highlighting this imbalance to you to encourage you to do something about it.  A good place to start is to go and talk to your family doctor about it.  Feeling overly negative about yourself for whatever reason is not a good thing and your doctor may be able to narrow down something which is causing the trouble,  suggest a treatment regime or provide some much needed support which might really help.  Don't suffer too long before you get some help.

Well hope this was of some usefulness to you.  Let me know what you think.  If there's something I missed that you want me to focus on, or if you have any other questions, I would be more than happy to answer any follow-up questions or comments you might have.

In the meantime, take care of yourself and be kind to yourself.

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