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I had a dream about a person I really care about who has recently pushed me away. He has a serious substance abuse problem and this dream made me worry about him.
This is the dream, although some time has past I may have forgotten some details.
My friends were going on a backpacking trip and Pat was coming with us. When we started the hike we really were on a beautiful mountain trail. Sun was out, flowers on the trail. Pat was asking me about seeing my ring. So in the dream I must have said I was engaged. I said that I wanted to see his hands. (in real life he has recently broken his left hand) He showed me has hands and on his left hand his two middle fingers were cut off to the first knuckle. He had rings on all fingers. (which he does not in real life) I was shocked to see his fingers cut. But in the dream I do not say anything about his fingers being cut.  He asks me to show him my ring.  I tell him that I was kidding and not engaged.  He says "do you know how drunk I had to get over you" I say that i am sorry we continue down the trail only now it has changed to an army type training obstacle course. Our friends are ahead of us.  We have to go down a steep ladder and in order to do so I have to turn around with my pack and when I do he and I are face to face and I kiss him on the lips quickly.  This makes him smile and he helps me down the ladder from the top  we continue on the course together the dream fades.  
Can you give me some insight as to his cut fingers?  I care very much for him and worried about him in real life.  We are not speaking these days...  he is on a self destructive path.  Thank you so much!

April, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I have had some computer issues lately.

Your dream is more about you than about your friend Pat. Let me explain. Dreams represent most of the time something unresolved within us, most times something that affects us on an emotional level.

In this case of your dream the dream represents how you have reflected on your own obstacles and adversities and how you have overcome them. There are responsibilities and decisions that weigh heavily on you but you generally have the fortitude to overcome with determination anything that you set out to do. You are on the right track, you have the compassion for this situation with your friend and fully ready to commit to whatever you can do to assist. However, the dream is also showing you that he is allowing his situation/addiction to dictate  his behavior and you are feeling anxiety about not being able to accomplish helping him. He is more committed to the drug problem than he is to anything or anyone around him. Unfortunately trying to help him right now leads to further disappointments as you have already experienced with him pushing you away. The kiss at the end of the dream represents how you feel unsure how to proceed in this situation.

I hope that this helps clarify for you that the dream is really about the anxiety you feel about this situation and not any impending doom to come.

Many blessings

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