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I had a dream in which I was in school at night with a few of my friends. I saw that a girl I knew and only talked to in class had somehow got her whole shirt wet. I offered to give her my flannel I was wearing since I was wearing a white shirt under it. When I went to the bathroom I took off my flannel but I didn't have my white shirt on. I still took it off and went out of the bathroom but I was covering my body with the flannel. She was also in the bathroom and I waited to give it to her. My friends had already left. She came out of the bathroom with a dry shirt for some reason.

I don't remember if I put the flannel back on but I did have some clothing on again.

She said she wanted to show me something and we went into some kind of military bunker. She showed me some kind of robot that is similar to the ones in Pacific Rim but less futuristic and more steampunk looking. Apparently it was her family's robot.

We went inside of it and ended up piloting it together. There were two handles to my left and right when I sat in the pilots seat. She was next to me. We both went out public and drove the robot for a while, working as a team. Eventually she said she would be right back and she would go get something. When she was gone, a boy that looked like he was 12 was lying down on his stomach near her seat. I assumed it was her little brother (i dont know if she has siblings in real life) and asked him if he wanted to pilot the robot with me. He didn't respond. The dream ends.

This dream isn't meant to be some kind of humorous dream if anyone would think that. The atmosphere felt silent and lonely but not dark and gloomy. I included a picture to possible help the reader visualize it.

In reality, I only talk to the girl in class and not outside of school. If it is relevant, I'm a male that is on his last year of high school and I have a girlfriend which is not her.

Hey Dominick,  

Given the robot and military bunker in your dream, I was thinking that it might have something to do with controlling certain behaviours or emotions?

The girl in your dream is likely to represent some aspect of yourself or your life or some personality trait that you could learn from..  In real life, how would you describe this girl personality wise?  How is she similar and how is she different from you?  What do you admire, and what do you dislike about her?  I was thinking that she could be some kind of guide (the dream character version of her that is).  Is there something that you are going through right now that perhaps she has already experienced?   The answers to these questions might give you some indication of what she represents.

In the dream, she had a wet shirt and you wanted to help her cover it up.  This might refer to your own feelings of being exposed or feeling vulnerable and wanting to cover up what has happened or hide something in some way.  Often, water in dreams is about emotions, so you might be feeling vulnerable in an emotional sense perhaps?  You went to the bathroom to remove your shirt and realised that you didn't have that white shirt on underneath.  Bathrooms are often to do with spiritual or emotional cleansing (or wanting to rid yourself from some aspect of your self or your past).  Removing your shirt and realising that you didn't have a shirt on underneath might be about feeling even more vulnerable than you expected and having your defences down.  If recently you felt like you let people see more of the inner you than you had wanted, or if you let your guard down and expressed your true feelings to someone or let your urges go or let it all hang out so to speak or something along those lines, then this is sure to be what this part of the dream is all about.

The next part of the dream, the girl wanted to show you something (hence the reason I believe that her character represents some kind of guiding force for you) and she took you into a military bunker.  So this is interesting in that a military bunker is set up to have a high level of security (opposite to the vulnerability you felt earlier in the dream).  So this dream really has a lot to do with finding that balance between being vulnerable, and putting up metaphorical protective barriers around you.  The robot she showed you is likely to represent self control.  When you think about it, this particular robot in your dream could not think for itself.  It acted only on command from you and from your controls - hence it might represent self control.  Additionally, the military is a place of discipline where people obey commands from those in authority.  So this is also about self control and discipline.  After your experience of feeling exposed, you might now really want to get a hold of yourself and keep better self control and self discipline so as not to feel that way again.  When you took that robot out in public, this is really saying that you really are being more disciplined in your interactions with others or when you are out in "public".

The 12 year old boy is likely to give you a big clue as to what this dream is about.  The boy was lying face down which is a very submissive and vulnerable position to be in so again, this is highlighting vulnerability as an issue for you.  The age of the boy is likely to refer to something that was going on in your life either 12 years ago, or when you were 12 years old.  So think about what was happening 12 years ago around 2002 for you.  Did something happen or were you in a situation similar to what you find yourself in now?  Similarly, what about when you were 12.  What was going on for you then?  Does it relate to something happening in your life now?  

When you asked that 12 year old boy if he would like to pilot that robot with you, it is almost as if you were looking back in time and thinking, "if only I knew then what I know now, I could have dealt with things differently."  The fact that the boy didn't respond might be saying that while you might be trying to deal with stuff from your past, or some current isssue that has been going on for some time, it isn't a simple matter.

Obviously you cannot go back in time and change the past, but you can learn from the past and change your future based on what you now know.  The dream is showing that you have learned some skills to help you in your current situation. Having said that though, you don't want to go from one extreme (total exposure) to the other (total control of emotions). There has to be a balance between the two.  For example, there might be a way you can create that safe bunker-like environment where you feel safe to share your true thoughts and feelings.  Seeing a trusted counsellor or sharing your feelings with a close friend or family member are some good examples of this.  I don't know your specific situation but it is never a good idea to shut down your emotional side completely to everyone around you.  You need someone to help you work through your troubles or bounce ideas off and get a reality check from now and again.  This is particularly important because while you said the dream wasn't depressing, it did feel silent and lonely.  Perhaps you are feeling like you have to deal with your situation alone?  Without expressing your feelings to others?  I would just urge you to challenge that belief.  Us humans are social animals at heart and we all need that sense of connection to those around us.  Getting help from others can really really make a huge difference.  

I hope this has made some sense to you.  Let me know what you think.  if it didn't seem to fit with your life, let me know.  I am sure we can figure it out.  Thanks for adding the picture also!

Take it easy.

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