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So in real life, I usually walk down a hill to get to school. While walking down the hill, to the left is a clear view of the school.

In the dream I was walking down the hill. I noticed that there were street lamps dimly lighting the oath down the hill. In reality there are not street lamps there.
I look to the left towards the school and it seemed as if there was a festival there. I saw lights that were similar to a carnival at night. I also saw fireworks over my school.
There were other people walking towards my school. I looked to my right and I was walking with a girl. She was silhouetted and I only noticed she had short wavy hair that went a bit above her shoulder. Somehow, I remember her smiling at me and we just kept walking.

What does it all mean?

The dream represents that you have not been recognizing your talents but that you are releasing repressed feelings of not feeling good enough, you are starting to recognize that you do indeed have talents and are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and are relaxing and showing your true self embracing who you are.

Continue to do this. As others will start to recognize your efforts as well. It is a good dream.

Many times other people we see in our dreams can represent aspects of our self.

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