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I am chinese and I had a dream that I was surrounded by a community of chinese people and we were sheltering ourselves under umbrellas. In the end after being around chinese people for a very long time - a white persian guy that I used to be madly in love with appears - and I start talking about how he is a beauty queen. Then I wake up. In real life the persian guy is perfect in every way except that he is too young for me. I think I was mildly attracted to the persian guy in my dream.

Hi Xiao,
Thanks for sending me your dream!

It sounds as if this dream is telling you you are ready to come out of your comfort zone and try out new things but perhaps you are a bit apprehensive about trying something new?  In the dream, you are with a lot of other Chinese people and as you are also Chinese, this is saying that you have been surrounding yourself with familiar things and familiar people and perhaps you always do things that you feel comfortable with and familiar with.  In the dream, you were sheltering under umbrellas so this is saying that you are doing these familiar things because they make you feel secure and safe.  I am interested to know what the weather was like in your dream?  Was it raining?  Was that why you were under the umbrellas?  If so, it might point to some personal difficulties or emotional ups and downs that you've gone through and it might be suggesting this as a reason for why you would rather stay with the familiar.  

You said that you were under the umbrellas for a long time before this persian guy came along.  The fact that you were attracted to this persian guy, and that I imagine persian culture to be quite different from chinese culture,  I think this is saying that you really want to come out of your comfort zone and you are really attracted to trying out new things.  As you said that the persian guy was perfect in everyway, wanting to try these new things might be to do with improving yourself and striving toward your own personal "perfection".  Something might be holding you back though.  Maybe you think that you are perhaps a little long in the tooth to be trying these new things?  (Eg, you said the Persian guy was too young for you.). Also, perhaps you might think that indulging in your desire for something better might be a little vain?  Eg. Your comment that this Persian guy was a bit of a beauty queen!  

If this explanation seems to fit with your life, then maybe it is time to really consider diving in and trying this new thing that you desire?  Question yourself about what is really holding you back and whether this reason is really logical or based on some false beliefs?   Do you thnk you would be disappointed if you never stretched yourself in new directions?  Why not give it a go and see what happens? Obviously I don't know all the details of your life or your thoughts and desires so these are truly questions for you to think carefully about and it is up to you to decide which direction to take in the future.  Every decision has its pros and cons.

Well those were my impressions on your dream.  I hope it was helpful.  Let me know what you think and whether you have any other questions about your dream!!!

Take care.

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