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Hi,( This is not the dream part ) I recently saw my ex-boyfriend in the city. It was quick. He was walking on the sidewalk on my left. We did not speak and I don't even know if he saw me or not.The sidewalk was crowded with people coming home to work.
A couple of days later, I dreamt that we were dating. He was with me on a bus and  going back to his apartment. He was standing up to get off and he gestured to me to come near him and give him a kiss goodbye. I came near him and he reached over to me and kissed me on the lips. It felt really sweet and nice. I was happy.He was happy. He looked deep in my eyes. Then I woke up. I was left with a good feeling. In the beginning, when we dated, it was really good. We had alot of chemistry, and we got along very well, we enjoyed eachother. We were always affectionate and we had fun. I found out later that he was not being totally honest with me and that's why I broke up with him. Why am I dreaming about him? Could he be dreaming about me? I have moved on. Thank you.

Hi Michele,

Dreams about exes can be really confusing!!!   However, I think this dream is symbolic.  And not so much symbolic of HIM as a person, but symbolic of your RELATIONSHIP with him and how it has ended and how you are feeling about it now.  It makes total sense to me that you said you have moved on.

Firstly, note that in the dream, you said you kissed him "goodbye". This is symbolic of you both saying goodbye to your relationship.  The kiss itself can be symbolising a reconcilliation within yourself of how the relationship ended.  For example, while the break-up and his dishonest behaviour may have been really disappointing to you at the time, you have come to terms with it in your own mind.

Note also in your dream that he was "going home" to his appartment.  This is symbolic of him going back to his own ways and going back to who he really is.  A home is where we belong.  If we dream of an ex going home, then it is saying that in your mind, you understand that he is who he is.  You are ok that he isn't going to change his ways so to speak and you are happy (or at least ok with it) to let him live the life he wants to live.

The bus ride itself can also be symbolic.  You cannot completely control the direction a bus is going.  It has its own set route and everybody knows where the bus is going because you can easily check the timetable and the route and it also says where the bus is going on the front.  But you can't drive the bus exactly where you want it to go.  However, you can decide whether you stay on the bus, or get off the bus.  This is similar to your relationship with him.  When you were together, you were on a journey together.  It was sweet and nice while it lasted, but once you figured out he wasn't totally honest with you, I think you could see the direction the relationship was heading.  And rather than trying to change him and stick with a bus ride you didn't want, you decided to call it quits.  As it turns out, even though you broke it off, he was the one who got off the bus.  I think this is because you wanted a serious relationship with someone but he probably didn't and you have allowed him to lead the life he wants to lead rather than try to change him - eg he went home in the dream.  You stayed on the bus to continue your path of finding the right man with whom to share your life.

All in all, I think you are very wise when it comes to love.  The sweetness you felt when you woke up is about you feeling at peace with that relationship now and feeling peace within yourself.  You haven't totally rejected that relationship from your mind, you really have learned and grown from the experience and you are happy with who you are today.  Obviously, you seeing him in the street has sparked this dream off, and I am sure you do still have feelings for him in some way.  But the fact that you kissed him goodbye and he went home to his apparetment is saying to me that you really have moved on and you are ok with that.

I'm not sure whether the dream means that he is dreaming about you necessarily.  But you know what?  You and he shared something special.  If he did see you in the street that day, chances are, that meeting sparked a dream off for him about you too.  

I hope this has helped clear things up for you.  Let me know if you have any other questions about your dream.  I would be only too happy to help further if needed.

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