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Hello Sir,
I had a dream last night that one of my female friend I have known for many years tries to seduce me. And when we two just started foreplay she told me to go to another safer place. I went there and she stripped her clothes off. She was not facing me but between her legs I saw a long penis hanging. I turned her towards me and saw that actually that was a penis. I asked her whether she is a shemale or not. She said "Yes I am. Do you have any problem with it?"
I ran away from that place.The dream ends there.
Later this morning I woke up and thought of this but couldn't figure this out. Please help me find the meaning.

Hey there Sourav,

Thanks for sending me your dream.  Sometimes dreams can really mess with your head can't they?!  I don't think this dream has anything to do with your sexuality or sexual orientation or anything like that.  I think it is about more deeper issues of the relationship between men and women.  Often the male and female in dreams can represent the personality traits or stereotypes that we associate with each gender.  For example, you may associate masculinity with being a provider or breadwinner,  being physically and perhaps emotionally stronger, being a protector, etc.  On the otherhand, you might associate femininity with being a nurturer and carer, a homemaker, a mother, etc, etc.  So, then, the "shemaleness" of your friend might be about having both these masculine and feminine attributes.

Your friend now is going to represent something in your life also.  Sometimes the people in our dreams can represent our relationship with them, and sometimes they can tell us something about ourselves, our lives or our thoughts.  Have you ever thought of your friend as someone more than a friend?  Have you ever thought of her as a potential girlfriend? partner? wife? Etc?  Or has someone mentioned that you would make a good couple recently?  If so, then this is bound to be what the dream is about.  If your friend is not your typical kind of girl, if say she is very career minded or strong or isn't as interestedd in starting a family or being a stay at home mother as other women for example, then this dream is going to be about whether you could handle being in a relationship with someone like this.

if the dream is not directly about your relationship with your friend, then, it might be about having a reelationship with a career minded woman in general or one who is less interested in being a primary care-giver to children, or even a woman who is stronger or taller than you, etc or something like that.

It is interesting because in the dream, she says to go to a safer place before she takes her clothes off.  This might be symbolic of you feeling reluctant to voice your opinions or "bare all" your thoughts and feelings publicly.  You need to be in a safer place before you can be really honest with yourself about how you feel about this issue of gender stereotypes.  Publicly, you may be very supportive of women in the workforce and in positions of power.  However, when push comes to shove, you might not be as happy to be married to a woman whose position of power is greater than yours for one reason or another. (Or who is less family orientated, etc, etc)

Keep in mind that this dream might not necessarily be about your relationship with your friend.  It could be about these gender stereotypes in general and your true feelings about the power balance between men and women, especially when in intimate relationships.

The end of your dream holds a very pertinent question for you.  In the safety of your own thoughts, where it truely is safe to be honest with yourself about how you feel about this issue, your friend says, "well, do you have a problem with that?"!!!!  Remember, she was very upfrront about being shemale in the dream, so in real life, she (or whatever her dream character represents) has been very honest and open.  There is nothing hidden.  When she said, " do you have a problem with that" you ran away.  So I am thinking that in your heart of hearts, you do have a bit of an issue with being in a relationshiip where the woman is either more "powerful" for want of a better word, in some way or another, or perhaps has less "feminine" ambitions than you would like.  

If this interpretation rings true for you, I think it really is important for you to be honest with yourself about whether you would be happy and content with a relationship and future such as what your friend wants for her life.  Being supportive of women and women's rights is a very important thing, but this does not mean you have to deny your own needs for your future marriage or other relationship.  Denying these feelings is only going to make you miserable and your wife even more miserable - no matter how much you love each other.  At any rate, this is something you need to think about over a period of time.  Don't deny or ignore your inner thoughts and feelings when it comes to finding your true life partner and soul-mate.

Well I hope this was helpful.  If it didn't seem to ring true for you, please let me know as I am sure we can figure out the meaning of this dream.  

Take if easy...

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