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I recently had a dream that involved a guy that I currently have feelings for.  It was in 2 parts.

The first part was in a building at our college campus during the evening.  There was a small group of people in a class room.  I remember someone accidentally kick me in my knee.  I got up and was walking toward the building exit.  In the reflection of the revolving door, I saw the guy that I currently like, and I remember limping faster.  I got outside and another guy appeared, but I still felt like it was the guy that I have feelings for even though, they were physically different.  I remember that guy telling me how much he likes me and how he adores me.

The second part of my dream was set in a very beautiful grassy place.  There were clothes on clothespins and the weather was lovely.  I remember feeling a very warm feeling come over me.  Then another guy appeared and we were being all affectionate.  I then saw kids running around, but I am unsure if they were mine.  With the guy, he looked different from the other guy in the 1st part of my dream.  

Both guys in my dreams looked completely different from what the guy that I actually like does in real life, but they both embodied the guy that I like in real life.  I've never dreamt a dream like this.

What is your interpretation of it?

Hey there Jordan,

Firstly, I would like to apologise for how long I've taken in repllying to your dream.  (Things have been quite hectic this week!!)

It seems to me that the dream is indicating that you've had some hard times lately and you are now recovering and are back to your old self.  Sometimes your dreamself will make associations and spot patterns which have happened in your past, and make comparisons with what is happening in your life now.  I think the guys in your dream are representative of some issue that you are dealing with at the moment and in your recent past.  With the guys in your dream, ask yourself, what is it that was similar about them?  How were they similar to the guy you like now?  What is it that attracts you to that guy?  How are they similar, and how are they different from yourself?  Often the thing that we admire about people, is something that we aspire to be ourselves.  For example, if the guys are all outgoing and successful, then this might be something you are striving to be yourself.  You said some of the guys looked different from the one you like at the moment.  Did they look similar to anyone else you know?  What is the common link between these guys and yourself?  Asking yourself these questions might help to uncover the particular issue that this dream is focusing in on.  Maybe what links all these guys is that you were attracted to them or they might remind you of guys that you've been attracted to in the past?  If this the case then, the dream might be about your love life or something of that nature?  Just something to think about.

The first part of the dream was set in a college which might indicate that this dream is about something you've learned or need to learn about yourself.  In this part of your dream, someone kicks you in the knee, albiet accidently.  So this might be saying that someone has hurt you emotionally in real life (without knowing it or without meaning to or wanting to) and because it was your knee that was injured, perhaps you've really taken it hard and it has been difficult to get on with your life due to this hurt feeling.  Maybe you felt so hurt that you shut down a little bit?

Your reaction to being hurt in the knee was to leave the building and get away.  So in real life, say a certain friend or aquaintence hurt your feelings somehow, maybe you decided to get right away from this person or this social group.  or maybe you have decided to avoid the issue which caused the hurt.  Eg. If you were hurt over a matter of love for someone, you might have avoided falling for anyone else to avoid being hurt again.  (This is just an example.)

When you see the guy you like, you decide to keep running out of the building.  My feeling here is that your dreamself is associating this guy that you like with being hurt somehow.  So I am wondering whether the last guy you liked didn't return the feelings and you took it pretty hard????  Seeing him in the reflection of the door is about looking back into your past.  so if you were hurt in the past, this is definitely what the dream would be about.

The second part of the dream, I think is a nice follow on from the first and shows a positive direction in your way of thinking.  The green grass is symbolising some kind of personal growth and the clean clothes on the washing line can be about cleansing yourself of unwanted thoughts, feelings and situations and making a fresh start. You said that during this part of the dream, the sun was out and you felt really warm.  So in real life, something has happened to give you back that warm feeling.  Whatever it was that happened in the past, this is behind you now and you are moving forward and feeling good again.  

The kids in your dream - do you remember how old they were?  Kids can often represent a timeline of sorts.  For example, if the children were around 7 years old, then think back 7 years ago.  What was going on in your life back then?  Is there anything that seems similar or is related to what is going on in your life right now?  If so, then this is likely to be what the dream is all about. The fact that you weren't sure if the kids were yours or not might be saying that you aren't sure whether your new desires or new happiness is really yours or whether it is just an unreachable dream?  Perhaps this is something you need to think about!!!  

The affection you were shoeing each other is symbolic of a union of sorts.  This is likely to be about incorporating some of the things that you admire about the guy you like into your own personality and your own life.

All in all, I think this is a really positive dream that shows you have learned and gown emotionally in a positive way.

I hope this interpretation was helpful and again, p,ease accept my apology for how long I took to send it on to you.  

Take it easy and all the best to you!!  

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