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hi there! just had a dream and I would like to know what is the meaning of it. At first, someone visited me at our house, my aunt whom I had big issues before and never been communicating to her for almost 3years now and I was shocked when I get out of the house seeing most of my relatives in a big vehicle. Then suddenly, a big wave of water approached our way wherein I run inside the house and closed the door, beside me was my nanny before and we were shocked that there is a big killer whale bumping on our main door until it breaks the main door while me and my nanny run to the room and my nanny was like pushing the door with a long stick so the whale cant get through while i was pulling her to go inside the room so we can lock the door then the main door was totally opened and broke we were shocked that it is
now a black fox with a little water coming from the outside. the fox is so aggressive that it is really running after us. Then I wake up... what does thia means!?

Hi Danica,

Dreams about water are often about emotional issues and a house can represent yourself and your life.  In the dream, you saw a car with lots of your relatives coming to visit you. (Was your aunt in that car too? I wasn't quite sure about this.).   At any rate, when the relatives pull up in the car outside your home, that is when you see this huge wave coming, and that is when you hide inside the house (presumably leaving your family outside?). What this might be saying is that there is some kind of overwhelming stressful situation happening (at the moment maybe?  But it could be something from the past but it does seem to be a current situation) and your reaction to this has be to go into self preservation mode and be very guarded about what you say and do. (eg you shut the door on everyone and don't let them know what is happening with the real you.  You don't let anyone in so to speak.  Your aunty in the dream might represent whatver stressful and conflictual situation it is that you are in.  It could be that you are being harrassed or bullied by someone pretty nasty?  It might be that the situation with your aunty has resurfaced due to an up coming family event or something like that.  I'm not exactly sure what the situation is but it reminds you of all the problems you had with your aunty.

The fact that your nanny was there to help you is a really good sign because it means that you care about yourself and you are looking after yourself through all this.  Sometimes when these sorts of things happen, people turn in on themselves and start to think badly of themselves.  But it looks like this is probably not happening in your case.

The killer whale and the fox in your dream might be representing people who might be "out to get you" or at least that's how it feels to you.  The killer whale, being a predator of the ocean, is going to represent attacks and conflicts of an emotional nature.  When the fox comes, it might be saying that you are coping better emotionally with what is happening (because only a trickle of water comes in, but because of the aggressivenes of the fox, the attacks are still coming.  a fox is often seen as a sneaky creature and black can represent negativity.  Note that while you were able to keep the killer whale out, the fox got in a chased you (is that the case?). So Maybe someone sneaky has been able to get close to you and get you to share your feelings a bit??? IDK. That is just a thought.

Another common thread in the dream is that you felt "shocked" so often during the dream.  So in real life, if you've felt shocked at people's reactions, then this would really explain what the dream is about.

If this interpretation rings true for you, then it appears as if you've been having to protect yourself from certain attacks (perhaps in an emotional, verbal sense) and conflictual situations.  it seems as if you are doing a good job protecting yourself and keeping positive (to some degree by not turning on yourself) Is there something else you can do to try to stop the situation?  Eg if it is a work matter, can to talk to a boss about it?  If it is a school situation, can you tell a teacher?  If a home or family situation, is there someone you can confide in that might be able to help you keep the peace?  Your dream is bringing your aunt into the dream because this was a similar situation that you dealt with in the past.  How did you deal with that problem with you Aunty?  Is there anything you can learn about that situation?  What would you do differently if the situation with your aunt happened again?  Can you apply this knowledge and wisdom to your current situation?  have a think about this and see what other steps you might take to improve the situation.

Well those are my thoughts on your dream.  I hope it was helpful in some way.  Please let me know what you think and feel free to ask further questions if I didn't answer something specific that you wanted more info on.  Any further comment or question is most welcome (I would appreciate your feedback very much.)

Hang in there.  I can't see into the future but I think everything will work out and be ok.  You've been through this sort of thing before and you are strong enough to do it again.  

Keep taking care of yourself.

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