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I have been having a reoccurind dream for the last week. I keep dreaming of my dog(siberian husky) coming to me and laying down beside me like he used to. Each time I start to pet him I get topet him for 5 minutes before I wake up in the dream(not actually awake but more of a "dog disappears and tearstained pillow appears" type thing) with tear stains ALREADY on my pillow, as ifI cried in my sleep while petting my puppy. I know I used to have him as a comforter when I was stressed and lately I have been extra stressed but I lost my puppy in March so dreaming of him makes no sense.
Why am I dreaming this and what does it mean?
Normally after this dream I dream of him again but this time in more of a memory mode. Like I am watching him in an old video. Is there a reason I keep having this dream?
Then I actually do wake up and can't get back to sleep.
Oh I should add I had to put my puppy to sleep in March 2014 due to him having severe seizures and forgetting who everyone was.

Hello Teresa,  I'm so sorry I took so long to respond.  I found out that some of my allexperts messages (including yours) have been going straight to junk mail - which is annoying because they are definitely not junk!

So sorry to hear of the passing of your dog.  Sounds like he was a real comfort to you in times of stress.  And if you are currently going through some stressful times, then it makes total sense to me that you would dream of your dog as a comfort.  Also, while we might think that we should be over the death of a pet after 4-5 months, our dreamself does not see time in the same way.  Sometimes a stressful event can trigger that grief within us that lies burried.  I think that after the passing of your puppy, there might be something missing from your life, and that is a shoulder to cry on.  Someone you feel would never get tired of comforting you.  That is the greatest thing about dogs.  They are always there ready to comfort us and love us unconditionally.  

I think the crux of the matter really is that we don't ever think for one second that our pet might get sick of hearing our sob story or that they'd ever get sick of giving us a hug.  But with people, even if in reality they wouldn't get sick of us, sometimes a little voice in our heads tells us that they might!  And so we don't always seek that comfort from the people around us, we keep our feelings secret.  Even if in reality there really are people around us that want nothing more than to listen and to comfort us.  Do you think this is happening with you at the moment?  Are you reluctant to share your feelings and cry on someone's shoulder for fear that they might not reciprocate?  If so, then this would really explain why you are dreaming about your puppy now and grieving that loss, and why you wake up (was that actually waking up or more like a false awakening in you dream??  I wasn't quite sure) with tears on your pillow. (Not an uncommon thing by the way, especially for people going through some difficult times.)

Now if this does sound like you right now, ask yourself very honestly, is there someone you can talk to?  Perhaps a parent or grandparent or a friend or brother or sister?  Maybe even a teacher (if you are a young person at school). Or a colleague at work or something or even see a counsellor?  A problem shared is a problem halved afterall!!

Failing that, if you honestly feel that you can't share right now, be your own best friend.  Be kind to yourself and say nice things to yourself.  Tell yourself things will be ok and encourage yourself when you feel like giving up.  Allow yourself to grieve over your pet and any other losses.  It can be good to cry sometimes.  

When you dream of your puppy like you're in memory mode, like you're watching an old movie, this is really about pining for the past and living in the past.  This is suggesting that you haven't imagined a new future for yourself yet.  You are still wishing that things were like they used to be.  Now this might well be about grieving for the loss of your puppy, but it could also be about the more recent events that are causing you stress at the moment.  If this recent stress in your life is about something which has changed in your life - and most likely the change is something you don't have a whole lot of control over - then this would explain this part of the dream.  It is totally ok to feel like this and wish things were the way they used to be, especially if it is a recent thing, because it is part of the grieving process (and grieving isn't just about someone's passing, people can grieve over all sorts of things that change in their life.  Like a friend moving away, divorce, loss of health, etc, etc.). Again, talking to someone about this can really help.  It's all about coming to terms with what has happened, honouring that part of your life and imagining and creating a new future for yourself which incorporates those changes which occurred.  

I have explained all this as if you don't have a whole lot of control over what is going on in your life right now, just because that is the impression I get from the dream.  But I could be wrong here.  Maybe it's just that you are FEELING helpless and maybe you CAN do something about this stressful situation????  Without knowing what is happening for you right now, its not really possible to tell from here.  But have a think about it.  Try and be objective if you can.  Sometimes this helps to put things in perspective and see new possibilities.  (Again talking it over with someone might give you some new ideas).

Well those are my impressions on your dream.  I hope it was helpful in some way.  Please don't hesistate to send me a follow-up question or comment if I didn't quite cover every question you had about your dream.  I am only too happy to help further if needed.  And please take care of yourself through this stressful time.  Take it easy!!  

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