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I want to say thank you in advance.  
I am 44 and never been married and I am not currently seeing anyone.
I had a dream that I was getting married.  I had the dress, flowers and everything.  While I was getting ready, someone (I am not sure who but it seemed like a friend) came in to check on me.  She asked me who I was marrying.  I told her we will know when I get to the alter.  I felt like I knew he was a good person, but I had no idea who he was.  For some reason, this was not a concern to me.  
At that point I woke up.  
As soon as I fell asleep, the same dream started again.  This time things were more extravagant decorations, flowers the dress and everything else) and there were people I knew, including friends and family.  Once again though I didn't know who I was marring.  In this dream I was actually getting ready to leave the room and walk down the aisle.  Again, I wasn't worried about who I was marrying, because I felt he was a great person, even though I wouldn't know who he was until I got to the alter.  No one else seemed concerned as well.  
Unfortunately, as I was entering the chapel, I woke me up so I never got to see him  :(  
I tried not to think about it too much, but this dream kept popping into my head all day, so I figured I might want to find out what it means.

Hello Rachel,

Sometimes weddings in dreams are about commitment and commiting yourself to something.  Interestingly, you didn't know who you were marrying so this might mean that you don't fully know or understand what you are commiting yourself to in real life.  But, nevertheless, you feel that he is a good man that you were going to marry in the dream, so in real life, it must really feel like you are doing the right thing and it also seems that the people around you are very supportive.  (Because you said that everyone at the wedding didn't seem to be worried that you didn't know who the groom was.)

I am trying to think what situation would trigger a dream like yours.  A couple of possibilites jump out.  If you were going to make a permanent move to another country or city that you had never been to, this might trigger such a dream.  Or if you were about to embark on a long term adventure - something like working for an NGO overseas or working in something that you feel very strongly committed to but aren't quite sure what to expect when you get there, this might also explain the dream.  Another situation that could trigger such a dream is if you are embarking on becoming a parent, foster parent, or a carer in some way.  (Eg, a pregnant woman would feel very strongly committed to her unborn child, even though she had not yet met the baby and might not really know what to expect).  One other possibility, are you a person of a religious faith? And if so are you making a new committment to that faith? This might also explain the dream.  While many people are committed to their faith, not very few claim to have actually met God.  There might also be a more literal meaning to this dream.  If you are committed to finding the man of your dreams one day, then this might be what the dream is about.  Especially if you've made a specific commitment to go looking for a man, like signing up for a dating agency or something like that, then this might also be what the dream is about.  it could also be about changing careers or some other change in your life's journey.

Anyway, have a think about it.  These are just some examples to help you figure out what the dream is about.  It will be something along these lines.  

Do you remember any of the details about the dream?  What kind of flowers were they?  Particular flowers can have specific symbolism which might give you a few tips about the commitment you are about to embark upon.  It sounds like you are in the preparation stage at the moment and haven't quite got there in terms of following your dream.  But it is something you really want to do.

What about the person who asked you who the groom was?  Do you know who this is in real life?  Their personality might be imitating the cautious person in you.  I don't really know what you are about to do, but do you have an escape clause?  Do have something or someone to call upon if things don't go so well?  Always a good idea to hope for the best, but plan for the worst.  (Sorry, that sounded very pessimistic didn't it??  Lol!!!  But since you are preparing yourself anyway, you might as well have all the bases covered. ).

Well that's what came to mind for me with your dream.  I hope this was helpful.  Did it make sense to you?  If you now know what this dream refers to you in your life, please please let me know!  I am very intrigued!!!  Lol.  Sounds very exciting though, and it does seem like the right thing to do - that's just the impression I get from the dream.  I feel a bit reluctant to say that it seems like the right thing without really knowing what IT is.  Then again, you have enough life experience to be responsible and sensible about it.

All the very very best!  I hope whatever it is is everything you wished for!!!

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