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I've got a dream that has been baffling me for a little time. I had it a couple weeks ago, but it kinda keeps coming up in my head from time to time.
Basically what happened in dream - I had an brown octopus tangled around my right hand/fist, trying to bite my fist with long, sharp looking teeth. I kept squeezing my fist and it could not bite it and i was trying to shake it off from my hand, but could not seem to do it.

Please help me to try to resolve the weirdness of this dream,
Thank you!

Hi Nick, please accept my apologies for taking so long to send you my response.  (A very busy week for me last week!!!)

To the dream, how did you feel in the dream?  A closed fist (if that's what you had) could be about certain emotions like feeling tense or fear, anger, frustration, or even explosiveness or it could be about fighting something in a metaphorical way.  (EG a closed fist in waking life is something we would make in order to punch someone or something, or sometimes we might make a closed fist if we were feeling tense or were anticipating something unpleasant).

With the octopus, there is a lot of symbolism associated with this creature.  Fo instance, it is said to be quite intelligent, or even psychic.  It can deceive its enemies with a puff of ink, it can change colours as a disguise.  So in this way, it can symbolise something you need to be wary of or a situation which is deceptive.

In your case, the octopus was entangling your fist and was trying to bite you, but if you squeezed your fist more, it couldn't bite. So in this way, the octopus might represent something smothering you or suppressing you in some way, but there is this tension, or equalibrium, between the fight within you or your anxiety or aggressiveness (or whatever your closed fist represents.)

So for instance, if you were in a situation where you felt you needed to portray an angry persona in order to prevent someone (or some aspect of the situation) from totally controlling you and preventing you from expressing yourself, then this would explain the situation.  Note that in the dream, you did try to shake the octopus off, but couldn't?  So in real life, you are trying to get out of the situation, but for some reason, are unable to.  

Alternatively, this could be more of an internal battle you are going through.  For instance, if you are struggling with emotions that you are trying to keep under control, or even addiction issues could spark off a dream like this.  While I have said the closed fist could be about aggression, it might be more about trying to resist something and putting up a fight.  

The octopus was on your right hand (are you right handed?) and the right hand is what you do things with so whatever is happening in your life, it is preventing you from getting things done or from doing the things you want to do.

Being bitten in a dream can be about being taken advantage of, or losing out in some way, or coming off second best because of something (if that makes sense).  So the fact that you WEREN'T bitten by the octopus is a good sign and means that you are keeping whatever it is that is troubling you at bay.  This issue certainly has taken a hold on you, but it hasn't beaten you yet!!!

The next step for you will be figuring out how to shake this thing off (metaphorically speaking) for good.  From the dream, it is clear you want to be rid of this situation and that it is not helping you in any way.  Take another look at your options and try something different to really make a fresh start.  Don't give up.  You will succeed if you have faith in yourself.

Well those are my thoughts on your dream.  I hope it has helped.  If you are still unsure about what your dream is about, let me know.  I'm sure we can figure it out.  (And I promise not to take so long replying this time!!!)

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