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I had a dream before that I'd been at a concert and I'd decided to walk home on my own. Half way through the dream I realised that I had no control of what my body was doing or where I was going in the dream. I spun uncontrollably, really fast until I was in the middle of the road and was unable to move to the pavement. I was unable to ask for help from people walking by. I was fully 'conscious' in the dream, not as if I was lucid dreaming, but that in the dream I was thinking things like 'oh no I've already been this way' and 'my mum's going to be so worried about me, I've been walking for 5 hours on a journey that should take 20 minutes'

It just really freaked me out, every time I got near to my house my body would run as fast as it could away from it. There was a point in my dream where I was at my local field and there were lots and lots of men running at each other being really violent as part of a celebration for Halloween, but they were genuinely murderering each other, and I got stuck on the field (my body was unable to move) and it was terrifying. When I eventually ran to the edge of the field I was trying to jump over the fence and couldn't, and I could see people in the cars on the road laughing at the men, but I couldn't ask them to help me. I recognised one of the people in the cars but I've never spoken to them or been friends with them in real life. Also, everywhere I was in the dream was near my house in real life, so it wasn't like I was lost. I knew where I needed to go and how to get there but had absolutely no control over my body. It was honestly terrifying.

Hi there Livvy,

I guess the obvious answer here is that perhaps at the time of the dream, you felt a lack of control in your own life direction for some reason??.  In the dream, you were trying to get home, but for some reason, even though you knew the way to your house, you could not make your body go in that direction.  

Your home in a dream, symbolises your inner self and what makes you who you are.  So if you wanted to get home in your dream, it might mean that you really want to be true to yourself and have that sense of belonging and because you knew the way home, you really do know yourself and you know who you are, but for some reason, you are unable to express that part of yourself.  

You said that in the dream, you were unable to ask for help from people.  Is this how you feel in real life?  Do you really want to tell someone how you are feeling, but just can't seem to make yourself do it for whatever reason?  If so, this would really explain the dream!!  

You also mentioned that when you got close to your home, you wanted to go there, but ended up running really fast away in the opposite direction!!  I am thinking that for example, if you get yourself to a point where you are almost telling someone how you feel, but then just totally freak out and cant do it, then this would be what it is all about.  An axiety issue would really cause this kind of feeling I imagine.  Do you think you might have an issue with anxiety or stress at all??  

The part of the dream where the men where being really violent as part of halloween celebrations, I am sure that there is a lot of deep symbolism in this part of the dream!!  Halloween is a celebration with many many layers!  For example, it started as a celebration of all saints day (a day remembering people who had died but who had done great things in their life).  In a dream, this might symbolise you reflecting on your own past and the good things you had done, but that this part of your life was now over for some reason.  But now, Halloween, it is a celebration of all things scary!  Which might indicate an overemphasis of fear in your life.  Also, people celebrate Halloween by dressing up as something else!!  Which in a dream would symbolise conceling your true self or acting in a way that is not really you!  This would really fit in with the theme of the dream where you are unable to get home.  

The fact that these men where being really violent and actually murdering each other might be about self destructive tendancies????  Perhaps there is too much negative self talk or other unwanted thoughts creeping in to your mind??  Interestingly, the onlookers where laughing at these men, but you knew that they were actually killing each other.  So I am thinking, perhaps there is a tendancy to trivialise what is going on with you and downplay the seriousness of how you are feeling?? or even ridicule your reactions and feelingsmin sme way?? In the dream you are caught up in this field and can't jump over the fence, so in real life, you might feel trapped in this kind of self destructive thought process, or trapped in some other scary situation?  

I am thinking that this really has something to do with your inner thought process because there doesn't seem to be any outside force controlling your body in the dream.  It seems that it is something within you, but not controlled by you, that is causing the problem.  On top of this, those around you might not realise the seriousness of what is happening (eg the onlookers at the field where laughing at the violent men.)

If this rings true for you, then it is very clear that you really do need to get help and tell someone about what is going on with you.  Obviously, it is the asking for help which is the problem and which seems almost impossible.  If so, can you perhaps write down how you feel and give someone the note?  Or even email someone with how you feel?  It might be much easier to write it down than actually say it?   

The next issue might be who do you send this email, or give the note too?  If you think it is too difficult to give the note to your mum or maybe you are worried that she will freak out too much, or deny there is a problem, then it could be better to give the note/email to someone who is very responsible, but not as close to you emotionally.  For example, a family doctor can really help in these situations ( this would be my first choice!!). Or a school teacher or boss or a counsellor (sorry, I wasn't sure how old you are.). Because telling someone about how you feel is so difficult, it is really important you choose someone you know for sure will take action and won't just sit on it.  A family doctor is bound to a set of ethics whereby they are obliged to act on the information you give them.  (hence, I think a visit to a GP is a really good idea.). Having said that, if the person you tell doesn't do enough to help you, you need to seek help from someone else and don't give up until you get some help.

I am kind of assuming you are having issues with anxiety so sorry if I am totally off track here.  But if this does seem to fit, you really will feel heaps better as soon as you get help from someone.  I would really recommend getting an appointment with your doctor.  You can email and tell them what is going on with you - just say that you are feeling really anxious and need help with that and then it will be a whole lot easier to talk about it when you get to the appointment because they will already know what it is about.  (The cat will be out of the bag so to speak.). There is sooo much that can be done for these types of things, you really don't need to suffer as much as you have.  Eg, lots of different medications can really help with little to no side effects, or there is some great counselling and practical techniques that can help, self help groups, etc, etc.  There really is a lot of hope for you!  Imagine, for example, if in your dream you were actually able to ask for help and someone came to your aid and was able to help you get home?  Doing some of your own research on the problem will also really help you feel less alone.

Well those are my thoughts on your dream. I hope it was helpful.  Sorry if I was totally on the wrong track!  Please let me know what you think, I would love to hear your thoughts as it really helps me to learn more about interpreting dreams.  I really appreciate all feedback.  If my interpretation didn't make sense, let me know also.  I am sure we can figure it out.

In the meantime, take care, and be kind to yourself!!!  

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