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Hey Chook!I really don't understand this dream it's been bothering me for months.
the dream:
i was at mcdonalds and there was a hot customer with a
cheek/lip piercing
i kept getting his order wrong because the register wasnt working
my manager explained how to fix the problem but i still got it wrong
they wanted me to work till 5 or 6 am
i had plans to work till 11:30 instead of 10 but stayed until

i was working on a hw assignment with a former classmate
i couldnt understand the assignment until she explained it to me
and i still only finished half because i ran out of time

Somehow this hot customer and I ended up having sex in the bathroom

This is where the dream gets weird:
I'm in a backyard with green grass and a wooden fence.
I see this guy behind the fence. Let's just call him A.C.
Now A.C. and I have history. He is this guy I felt was my soulmate
and I still love him. I haven't seen him in a year and we parted
on angry terms because I was too jealous and immature to verbalize my feelings. He couldn't verbalize his feelings to me either.We are separated by a fence. I walk up to the fence and he starts to act silly and hide from me.

Suddenly I'm at college in the cafeteria getting lunch. A.C. is
in the cafeteria with me and I find it strange considering he is
still in high school in reality. I watch A.C. and he looks at me once and says nothing.

Dream is back to that green backyard with the wooden fence. A.C. is still behind the fence and his friend is there also. Now he talks to me that his friend is there and I tease A.C.

I'm at home explaining to my mom how I worked midnight the other day. I also tell her I saw A.C. the other day. My mom said she saw A.C.
alone at my job at 1 in the morning as a customer. As she told me this
I picture him waiting in his pajamas to get his order taken.
Apparently he was at my job at the precise moment I had stepped out
and had sex with that hot customer in the bathroom. I feel very
guilty and horrified with myself knowing that while the person
I love might have been waiting for me I had sex with a random stranger.

I'm in the cafeteria again and A.C. walks up to me and smiles. I think we had small talk with one another for a short time.

Finally dream goes back to the fence and that backyard again. A.C.
is alone and I walk up closer to him than I have ever been with the fence separating us. He doesn't hide or run away. He just stares at  me and says nothing. I talk to him but realize its in my head and I cant make the words come out. All I want is for the fence to go away.

Hey Victoria!!

I started interpretting your dream, and then kind of changed my approach so apologies for how long this has taken.  

This dream is going to be about communication and the lack of it.  For example, not really understanding social situations and then when you finally do understand what is going on, not doing anything about it. (Eg taking the order from the hot guy and not really understanding how to do that, and then trying to do the assignment at school and not really understanding the assignment.).

In real life, a fence is a barrier to keep things out or keep things in or keep things apart.  So in the dream, the fence will symbolise mental barriers that you are putting up to separate yourself from certain things.  

Note that at the end of the dream, the very last thing you say is: "all I want is for the fence to go away".  That, in a nutshell, is the message to you from your dreamself.  What barriers are you putting up?  Why are they there?  You need to make those barriers go away.

Now you said that the guy, AC, you thought of him as your soulmate and that you still love him.  However, you parted on angry terms and neither of you could verbalise your feelings for one another.  Perhaps this has something to do with the barriers that you've been putting up?  You did say though, that you hadn't spoken or seen him in a year.  So there must have been something that happened recently that made you think of him and dream of him.  Maybe there is another love interest in your life and your dreamself is looking back at what has happened in the past when you fell in love. It might be a warning not to make the same mistakes again, or it might be that you really need to go back and get back in touch with AC to smooth things over and explain how you really felt.  Maybe you need to allow your relationship with AC to develop again????

A couple of times you mentioned immature feelings and behaviour.  Maybe this is part of the barrier?  You recognise that you were immature when you were with AC, but now that you've grown up and can see how immature you both were, you are still not doing anything about it because maybe you think it is too late.  Eg: in the dream you said you were doing an assignment with a former classmate and couldn't understand the assignment. But then even after she explained it to you, you only half finished because you "ran out of time!!"

The part of the dream where the hot customer comes in and you try to take his order is also similar to this assignment because you are having trouble "registering" his order. (Eg you had trouble undertanding or "getting" something in real life.

The bit where you ended up having sex with this same stranger in the bathroom, bathrooms are about spiritual or emotional cleansing.  Ridding yourself of unwanted thoughts or beliefs or hang-ups.  The sex thing can often be about forming unions or incorporating new ideas into your life.  When you think about it, sex (good sex that is!) is about two different people coming together as one.  Therefore, in the dream world, it can be about accepting another person's idea or point of view or even compromising with people and forming a truce or an alliance (if that makes sense.).  It's about making peace with others.  It can also be about making peace within yourself!  For example, if there is an aspect of yourself or your life that you have been unhappy with, but recently, you learned to accept it and be at peace within yourself about it, that would explain the sex in the bathroom thing very well!  

Interestingly though, at the end of the dream, you end up feeling really guilty about having sex with this guy because the love of your life was waiting for you to take his order while you were doing it with the stranger!!!  I am wondering if maybe recently you reconcilled within yourself that your thing with AC is in the past and you might have decided you were ready to move on!  But then something has happened and you've thought that maybe you shouldn't have been so ready to move on from him??  I'm not really sure but all in all, it really seems that you are not completely over this AC person!!!!

Going back to the last thing you said in your dream..."all I want is for the fence to go away!!"  Well how about it?  What is holding you back from getting back in touch with AC?  I think you really need to know if getting back in touch with him is worth a shot.  You are both older and wiser now.  And afterall, soulmates are not at all easy to come by!!!  I think you owe it to yourself and to AC to give it another shot!!!

Well those are my thoughts on your dream.  Hope they were helpful.  Please let me know what you think.  I didn't focus on every aspect of your dream, so if there is a part that I didn't talk about that you really wanted a better understanding of, please let me know.

All the very best!!!  Let me know how you get on!!!  Lol.

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