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Hello Chook! Can you interpret this dream?

I had a dream that I was on the second floor of a glass balcony inside a building and they were serving chocolate ice cream on the first floor across from me. I wanted to ask the guy below to make me chocolate ice cream but since I was on the upper floor of a building, I was worried the ice cream would drip and fall to the first floor of the building so I went downstairs to ask the guy serving ice cream for a waffle or pita shaped pancake instead and asked them to put one layer of chocolate sauce at the bottom, with one layer of strawberry or raspberry on top of the chocolate and some scattered marshmallows on top of the two layers of chocolate and red berries. Then I dreamed I was at a museum and went upstairs to the highest floor which was largely empty without any formal exhibits since it was still under construction and would be for a long time. I went out of sheer boredom since I had so much time to kill and I was amazed at how many other people were also on the last floor of the dead exhibits out of sheer boredom with nothing better to do. Then I woke up.

Hi there Xiao!!

What an interesting dream!  I really like the message in this one!!

A building with lots of levels generally represents some aspect of your progress in life which would be the type of progress where you go from one level to the next.  It might be to do with a career for example where you are advancing from one level - like a general worker - to the next - like a manager.  

The part of the dream where you are on the glass balcony and looking down, the balcony is going to be about you reflecting on where you are at the moment.  Being glass and all is saying that you have a really clear undetstanding of what's going on around you.  When you look down, you see that the people are getting icecreams!!  Icecream is something that is a real treat!  It is fun and yummy!  I think this is saying that perhaps you advanced somewhat in your life and you are looking back at your previous level and thinking about how much more fun and fulfilling it was!  The part of the dream where you want an icecream but are worried that it might drip on the people below, I think this is saying that you really want to muck in again with the people you used to hang out with when you were "one level" below where you are now, but you are mindful that you don't want to be showing off to them.  So you are taking measures not to drip your higher level all over them.  

The part where you are asking the guy serving icecream what layers to put in there, this is going to be about what you want for your progress in life.  You want every stage to be fun and exciting and sweet - just like the icecream levels you ordered.  (The problem with this is that it is probably not very realistic!  A great goal perhaps, though, but probably not realistic.)

The next part of the dream is really interesting!  You are on the top level of a museum, which is under construction. A museum is a place which normally displays old things to look at which have something to do with history.  You might be contemplating your own personal history or family history for example, and seeing that that part of yourself, that is the final destination of your career or other life goals, is still underconstruction. another interesting thing about this part of the dream is just how boring and how much spare time you had up here.  Perhaps you are reflecting on your goals and the direction you are heading and thinking that it isn't such a fun, fulfilling or productive thing to be.  Perhaps there are too many people at the top doing not much, and not enough doing the actual work?  You describe the exhibits as being "dead".  Perhaps you are seeing in your current work that there isn't too much forward thinking?  Management might be reluctant to try new things, and might be saying, "well this is the way its always been done so why change it?"  You might see that the workers at the bottom level, actually have the more fulfilling and rewarding work???

I am kind of assuming that this dream has to do with your career path, but it could be some other issue in your life which requires a progression from one level to another. Perhaps it is about climbing the social status level.  It could be more about your social life than your working life, so have a think about this.

If this rings true for you though, then this dream is questioning your current career path and whether this will be as fulfilling and rewarding as you want it to be.  The problem here could be at the management level who might be reluctant to change with the future.

The trick might be to convince those in power to change in a way that is safe for them.  Proposing a small change which can easily be proven to work will be a good start!  Also, you might wish to reassess what really makes you happy in your work.  Do you really want to progress to a higher level?  Or are you happier at the "lower" levels where the work is fun, fulfilling and rewarding?  

Well those are my thoughts.  Hope it was helpful and let me know what you think.

All the best!!!

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