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hello dear

regarding to your experience I want you to aid me in interpret 3 dreams affected on me an repeated frequently except last one

1- repeated frequently for the past 10 years to know what I m seeing in the dream please check this video from 1.06 min until 1.56 min , this 56 second configure what I watch in the dream which repeated every year noticed that the dream simply is I m seeing an airplane fall until destroy (not explode) but wrecked , but I m seeing this dream with diffrenct view , sometime from my balcony of my home , sometimes in the airport , sometime in a ships port , sometimes from large skyscraper people was dieing , please again check the link to illustrate what I see in my dream , noticed also this dream the airplane usually fall in the morning

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPdwCnwuZ8w     from 1.06 to 1.56 min

2- second dream also repeated frequently last few years  is simply I m in a railway station and trying to catch the train , meeting peoples do adventure for reserving tickets  try to find the train , I m finding difficulty to find it , when I reach the platform I found the train had gone , sometime I m fighting to reach the train in his mean appointment usually the dream end without knowing can I catch the train or not , sometimes the train gone without catching it

3- last one , that's happened one time since May 2012 , I dreamed that someone was informed me that my intimated soul mate friend was died , I was shocked , cried ans scream in the dream , in this time I was waked up suddenly , I felt this moment that I m happy in the dream , the weired thing that in reality and last October 2014 , this friend move on and cut his relation with me forever without disclosing any reason , so I m asking you is this dream is a prediction of this end of relationship noticed that this case affected on me till now , let me shocked too much

please don't hesitate to ask me any question for collecting any information you require about the mentioned dreams , find below my personal information and answer for the question you required

1. Gender and age
male - 31 yrs old
2. Country
3. Race
middle eastern - white
4. Religion
5. Are you a religious, moderately-religious, non-religious person?
6. Sexual orientation (not for children - adults only)
7. Marital status (not for children - adults only)
8. Profession
there is no specific profession , I m doing many things , but I m engineer
9. General Health condition
suffering from some health disorder
10. Are you happy with your life? if not, why are you unhappy?
unhappy - feeling lonely in mindset not introverted , oppressed , have lot of talents , intellect and emotion want to explode but I couldn't , no one from people around me understand my thoughts , shocked with lot of fake friends , couldn't find the real love or sincere heart , have a huge message want to spread to the world but I failed till now , people treat me as weird , crazy , careless and child failure , but I m believe that I m super creative , but I need some direction , my relation with my family is not good , they are far from me , I was oppressed in my older work with rumors which hurt me , not appreciated as my expectation but inversely I was retarded and put in a bad position in front of people eyes , unhappy because I usually create and work for my own believe and enjoyment and creation or effecting people or leave positive impact  not for money , I m alawys put money in the end of my least , that put me in many problem
11. What are the most important problems did you have at the time you saw the dream?
I cant remember
12. What are the most important principle or thing that you care about in life? Your most important priorities in life?
achieve my personal values , change the world to better , create for make people happy , be effective , love and be loved by huge peoples with sincere and loyal
13. Are you afraid of something? What is that?
yes from many afraid from dieing before achieving what I want to achieve , before using my talents to produce something useful for people and be my finger print before dying , afraid of not finding my soul mate or sincere friend , afraid from being old and my age increase without achieve my expectation , afraid from poverty , afraid from humiliation , afraid from the rumors happend to me accompanying me all my entire life
14. Did you have a bad experience that still taking effect on your life?
yes my soul mate friend who shocked me as I mentioned above also several friends do that before , the oppression that I had exposed in my last job with spreading rumors about my work ethics
15. Do you have a special activity that takes most of your time?
writing , dancing , music , voice over , acting alone , talking with myself as give lecture to someone haha
16. What are your most important hope(s)in life?
to use my talent for changing the world and be effective and loved

Hello there AO,  

Thanks for sending me your dreams. Sounds like you've been having a pretty hard time for a while now.  I hope I can help in some way...   I don't really require you to answer all those personal questions that you answered - just for your information.  I kind of like to answer dreams without knowing a person's background because I know I am not "cheating" so to speak, and just making the dream fit in with the person's life.  But I do appreciate that you shared these personal things with me!  

I note also that English is not your first language. (And unfortunately, English is my ONLY language!!) So this will make it more difficult obviously.  So please take your time reading the interpretation and don't hesitate to ask questions if there is something you don't understand.  I can explain it in a different way which might make it easier.

Your first dream, you said you'd been having this for the last 10 years.  That is quite a long time!  If ten years, then you would've started to have this dream when you were 21 years old.  Think back to when you were 21.  What were you doing then?  What was going on in your life back then?  This might help give a clue as to what this dream is trying to tell you.

Generally speaking, dreams about aeroplanes and flying and that type of thing are about spiritual matters.  If, then, you dream about a plane crashing all the time, then this might indicate that something has gone wrong with your spiritual life.  For example, (and these are just examples to get you thinking) it might be that you have been questioning your faith in some way and haven't been able to reconcile something about your spiritual beliefs.  Or it could be that as of 10 years ago when you started having this dream, perhaps you didn't feel worthy of God's love or maybe you have fallen out with your faith community in some way, or something along those lines.  Have a think about this.  It might be that you have been dismissing your feelings about your spirituality and not giving it the thought or attention that is needed.  Because you have been having this recurring dream for ten years, it means that for 10 years, you have not sufficiently dealt with or come to terms with some troubling aspect of your spiritual life.  Your dreamself is telling you to take notice and pay attention.  Don't keep sweeping it under the carpet so to speak.

Also during this dream, you mentioned that the dream occurs mainly in the morning.  This might be because the issue with your spirituality occurred at the beginning of your life.  (You are still very young so this is not surprising!!)

The different views you see this dream from is also worth noting.  I think this is saying that no matter what angle you look at your spirituality, the problem is still the same.  It is affecting every aspect of your life.  Eg, your balcony might be about your home life, the building might be about your work life.  The ship's port could be about your emotional life.  Etc.  you really need to be honest with yourself about this.  You don't necessarily have to be honest with others about it!!  Lol!!  But you do need to be honest with yourself, or you will continue to have these awful dreams.

The second dream, where you try to catch the train but can't get on it for whatever reason...  Dreams about transportation are often about your direction in life and where you want your life to go.  A train is a form of public transport which never leaves the tracks.  It never takes a different path!  Therefore, I think this dream is saying that you have a real desire to conform to what is stereotypically expected of you.  Or perhaps you don't really want to conform, but you feel you 'should' conform to other's expectation of you.  You want to (or think you should) travel that same predictable life path that all the people around you take.  Perhaps you want to just blend in and be the same as other people and just get on like others, but this does not seem to work out for you.  

This is quite a surprise because from your description of yourself, it doesn't sound like you are a conformist at all!!!  But perhaps the amount of trouble you've had in your life, maybe sometimes you just wish that you'd been like others and not had to deal with the trouble???   

You said that often in this dream, you get to the platform and the train is already gone and you missed the train.  Perhaps this is saying that in real life you feel like you've missed out on certain things and it is too late now for you to do the things you want to do??  It makes sense to me that one of your fears is to not achieve the things you want to achieve before you die.  I think this dream is related to these feelings.

This dream might also be about what you said about why you are unhappy.  It seems that you are having lots of problems and sadness with your social and family life.  Perhaps this desire to conform is more a desire to please the people around you?  Everyone needs to feel loved.

The last dream where you dreamed that your friend had died, dreams about death are often about some kind of ending in your life and often, these endings are about relationships, so yes, I think you are right that this dream was about your friend cutting ties with you.  Sometimes your dreamself is very clever.  Your dreamself can see things your waking self cannot see!!

Well those are my thoughts on your dreams.  If it rings true for you, then there are a few things you need to do now.  Firstly, give some thought to why your dreamself is seeing this devastating problem with your spirituality.  Be honest with yourself about how you feel.  As I said before, you don't necessarily have to tell others how you feel.  Spirituality is a personal thing between you and God. You should not feel pressured by others to conform to their stereotype.  

Secondly, you are still very young!!!  You said you had some kind of health issue.  Is it a life threatening issue???  If not, you have plenty of time to achieve what you want to achieve!!!!   Take time to smell the roses and find ways to enjoy the here and now.  God did not put us on the earth just so he could watch us suffer!!  Take a break from trying to achieve all the time and just enjoy the here and now.  Take a holiday and do some travelling!! You definitely need a new perspective on life and a chance to look at the world with fresh eyes.  Down the track, a permanent move to another city could be a positive move for you and help you escape the rumours and bad relationships that have plagued you for sometime now.  You need to get yourself together first though.  Get this spirituality thing sorted first for instance.

Finally, you are suffering so much from loneliness.  This is very awful for you.  Once you have this spirituality thing sorted, you need to find like minded people.  People who understand how you feel.  Perhaps there are some community groups you could join to meet new people and just have fun?  Put the things you want to achieve in life to the side for awhile - you can come back to them later.  You will not be able to do these things while you are feeling so unhappy.  The important thing for you now is your spirituality and to find a friendship group that understands you and cares about you.  This might take time but it will happen!!!  First thing is to take a holiday.  Go for a swim at the beach and get a fresh view on life!!  Lol.  (It really sounds like you need a holiday and to get away!!!)

Well that's about it.  I would really like to know what you think.  Did it seem to fit with your life at all?  Was it helpful??  Was there anything that didn't make sense, due to the language barrier or otherwise?  I really like to get feedback because it helps me to learn more so I can be a better dream interpreter.  If it doesn't quite fit for you, let me know.  I am sure we can figure it out.

Remember that God/Allah did not create you the way you are just so he could enjoy watching you suffer!  That wouldn't make Him a very nice god to be worshipping would it?  It's just not logical.  He wants you to be happy and enjoy the life that he gave you.  This is what you need to be focussing on now.  Just put your life achievment goals to one side while you work on your happiness.

In the meantime, take it easy and be kind to yourself...

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