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I had a dream where I was in a bedroom (not my bedroom in real life, but my bedroom in the dream). The bed itself is the bed my husband and I received as a wedding present and used to sleep in when we were first married. I was sitting in this bed and talking with a group of people. They were telling me about where they were from – a different country I think. They told me I should come visit them, which at first I think I was interested in. But then they mentioned that where they live (Tollum? or something that sounded similar) there are snakes everywhere. They explained that they see snakes constantly. They were used to it – they weren’t at all alarmed by the snakes. I was feeling a little anxious thinking about what it would be like to live somewhere like that since I don’t like snakes. And then I can’t remember if several snakes appeared in the bedroom – kind of like they were being manifested by them talking about them – or if I was just picturing the snakes in my head. Then at some point I got out of the bed. I think I was leaving the room with the others. I looked back and could see a very large fat snake – black and red – under my bed. It wasn't really moving around or doing anything. I was a little anxious about it being there, but I wasn’t terrified. I don’t think I saw the snake’s face, just its body.

1. Gender and age
Female, age 39

2. Country
United States

3. Race

4. Religion

5. Are you a religious, moderately-religious, non-religious person?
I do not formally participate in any religious activities anymore (i.e., don't attend a church), but I believe in God and consider myself to be a spiritual person (and recently becoming much more spiritual).

6. Sexual orientation (not for children - adults only)

7. Marital status (not for children - adults only)

8. Profession

9. General Health condition

10. Are you happy with your life? if not, why are you unhappy?
I am in a transitional period right now - recently divorced, most likely getting ready to accept a job in another state and start my life over. But considering all the change, I am probably the happiest I have ever been in my life (although some anxiety and uncertainty about the future).

11. What are the most important problems did you have at the time you saw the dream?
I have been dealing with having romantic feelings for someone who I thought had very strong feelings for me, but he is no longer communicating with me. I'm trying to be patient, but lately have started feeling frustrated with the situation and considering that I may need to give up hope that we will be together. I guess I feel torn about whether to let go completely or not.

12. What are the most important principle or thing that you care about in life? Your most important priorities in life?
I care about my job/profession. I am a therapist and care about helping others. I also care about my friends and family, wanting to be a good friend, good person, etc.

13. Are you afraid of something? What is that?
I am afraid of snakes (relevant to my dream). Otherwise, probably feeling a little fearful of the future. I do trust that things are going to work out one way or another, but I suppose I wish I felt like I had more control or knew what to expect. I don't like uncertainty!

14. Did you have a bad experience that still taking effect on your life?
My divorce has been stressful. The decision of whether to divorce or not has been the worst part. The indecision was awful. Once I made the decision, I felt relieved and have not regretted it. My relationship with this other man who is no longer communicating with me has been difficult as well - I don't like not knowing how that situation will play out.

15. Do you have a special activity that takes most of your time?
I work full-time. Lately I have been spending most of my free time reading a lot of books - self-improvement and spirituality books.

16. What are your most important hope(s)in life?
I just want to eventually end up remarried to someone who I am truly in love with. I'd like to have children. I have some hopes related to my career, but those are probably less of a priority.

Thank you for choosing me to answer your question

As far as I can understand, the dream is a reminder for you that you should learn and take care not repeat the same mistakes that led to the crisis of your previous marriage.

My best wishes


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