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QUESTION: I had a dream where some of my family and some friends including myself were going to a hospital to visit someone (I didn't know the person). On the way to the hospital there was a lot of traffic that drove aggressively which caused it to be a stressful trip. When we finally arrived at the hospital, there was a gang that will remain anonymous that was causing a lot of problems. The gang proceeded to move toward us carrying submachine guns and pistols while all I could think is why didn't any of us have a weapon to protect ourselves? Since I was unarmed I tried to find cover and stay out of the way of the potential violence that was soon to occur. When the gang made its way up to where I was, the guy in charge told one of the younger ones to "take care of him". I looked around to find none of my friends or family there to help, I felt abandoned and betrayed. My heart broke as I looked up to what I would normally just call a kid, I could see in his eyes that he didn't want to kill me. I turned my eyes back behind hoping to see someone, anyone that would help me. There was no one willing to intervene. I felt the boy put his pistol against the back left of my head, I could feel the cold steel against me as he got the courage to pull the trigger. Then he did it, he shot me and I remember the pain and the feeling of disbelief that my friends and family would just leave me like that. As I felt the blood running down the side of my face, I started to accept that I was going to die and there was  nothing I could do to stop it. As I started to slip away all I saw was people running away, and at that point I almost wanted to die because without family or friends life isn't worth living. It was around this point of slipping off into death that I woke up.

Normally I fight back in my dreams if something like this occurs, but for some reason I had just gave up. Can you please help me understand this dream?

ANSWER: Hi there Cody,

This dream seems to signify that you are at some kind of turning point in your life.  Dreams about being killed can be about "killing off" or ending some aspect of your life.  While this might well be a very stressful and upsetting time for you, there is at least the potential, that if you come out of it the other end, and don't slip back into bad habits, life can only get better for you.  Note that at the end of the dream you came to the conclusion that without family or friends, life isn't worth living.  While this sounds pretty depressing, put in a more positive way, it is saying that there is nothing more important to you than your family and friends.  The trick is now to match that belief with your waking actions toward them and yourself!!!

To explain more fully where I am coming from, your dream was about going to a hospital so this might mean that there is some aspect of yourself or your life that needs healing or fixing.  Note that later on in the dream, the head gang member told another to "take care of him"?  You need to be taking better care of yourself physically and mentally. (I know the gang member in your dream meant quite the opposite to that but that is the irony of dreams sometimes!!)

You also said that on the way to the hospital there was a lot of aggressive drivers which made it stressful.  So in real life, perhaps your journey toward being healed or fixed - whatever the case may be - has been very stressful and fraught with conflict with those around you.  

Interestingly, once you get to the hospital, there is the gang there causing trouble, and since you didn't have a weapon, you tried to hide and keep out of the way.  So I would say, the closer you get to facing up to your problems, the more you have been avoiding the whole thing and perhaps even denying there is a problem.  However, you might now have gotten to the point where you can't "escape" so to speak and you really have no choice but to face up to this issue - whatever it might be.  

When the kid puts the gun up to your head, how old would you say this kid would be??  The age of this kid might give you a clue as to when this problem with yourself or your life began.  For instance, say the kid was ten, then think back ten years ago, or to when you were ten years old.  What was going on in your life back then?  And how does that relate to your life right now?  Are there any links there?  Also, the gun being put to your head, and the kid attempting to kill you, often in dreams, death and killing is about killing some aspect of yourself or your life.  So this fits in really well with you going to the hospital.  I think this dream is definitely about some aspect of your life needing to change.  There is something in your life that you need to STOP doing in order to be healed.

You said that you felt abandoned by your friends and family in the dream.  I wonder if they have had a hand in dragging you kicking and screaming to getting this help??  Who was actually driving the car to the hopsital for instance and where were you sitting in the car?  Whoever was driving will give you a clue as to who is the driving factor for you getting help.  Alternatively, since you felt betrayed and that no-one was there to help you, perhaps this means that you have been left to face the consequences of your past decisions on your own, in the hope that this would give you a "lightbulb" moment?  The old "tough love" treatment perhaps?

However you might be feeling right now, it is clear that you need help to get your life back on track.  It's time to face this problem head on.  Yes, this will bring you right out of your comfort zone, but stick with it, even if you're not feeling the love right now.  It might be that family and friends are not in a position and are not in the best place to help you right now.  So consider seeking outside help from others such as professionals, support groups, non-govt organisations, councellors, etc, etc depending on the nature of your situation.

I hope this helped explain things please let me know what you think and if you have any further questions, or even if the interpretation didn't make sense, let me know. I am sure we can figure it out. I am only too pleased to help further.

In the meantime, take it easy...

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I have had dreams of people trying to kill me and/or the people I'm with for about 6 years continuously now. I need to do some soul searching and figure what I need to change. Could this be the same thing needing to be changed for so long?

Well yes, it is likely to be the thing that needs changing...  But given that you've had these types of dreams for 6 years now, I think this does change things a little bit.  Particularly since the reason for the dreams still isn't clear to you.  Just to serve my curiosity, how old was that boy who put the gun to your head in the dream?  Would he have been around 6 years old?  I am now wondering if something happened 6 years ago that ended something in your life.  Maybe there was a death in the family?  Maybe someone went missing or someone left the family?  Or it could have been some kind of traumatic event that you had trouble coming to terms with?  Maybe somebody abandoned you, abused you or betrayed your trust in some way?  (This seemed to be a bit of a trend in the dream.).  It might be a post traumatic stress type thing that hasn't been dealt with adequately.

The gang, I was thinking, might have represented some kind of involvement in crime, (hence I was kind of focussing on it being about bad decisions you'd made in the past that had caused your dreams) but it could be more about a crime committed AGAINST you.  Not exactly sure what the gang represents but what springs to mind is a disregard for the law, rebeliousness or intimidation - something along those lines.  If you have suffered at the hands of this type of thing, then this might be what it's about.

Whatever it was, I am now thinking, that the change needed is more about the grieving process that you were unable to go through.  Maybe whatever happened in the past, you might have tried to keep a brave face and so to your inner self, the grief and shock or sense of betrayal you feel over what happened, never really went away and its just as raw to you as if it happened yesterday.  This might be why you are dreaming about being killed over and over.  

Does that help a bit more in pinning down what this dream is trying to say?  I think the biggest hint for you will be what changed in your life 6 years ago when the dreams began.  The hospital definitely indicates you needed healing in some way.  The latest dream you had where your family and friends did come to your aid this time, I think that is a positive sign!  It is saying to me that you are starting to be a bit kinder to yourself and a bit more accepting of your need for the support of others rather than just expecting yourself to suck it up and get on with it.  

Please let me know what you think.  If you are still having trouble figuring it out, let me know, I am sure we can work it out.  It might even help to send me another dream, because sometimes I can pinpoint other common themes which can shed some light for you.  

Take it easy - and hope to hear from you soon.

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