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Well thank God for a Christian dream interpretater. :)
So im not entirely happy in my current relationship an i feel as though god is trying to show me stuff in dreams.

My second dream i was able to sort of inteperate it myself because it was self explanetary. I will share it anyway because i might need confirmation with it and it might help with dream im wanting an interpretation for.

In my second ream I was holding a baby boy (i have 2 year old girl in real life so maybe it represents something else) and i was walking and trying to get to the highway so i could get to where i needed to go. I needed to take a detour through a rough neighborhood and i didnt want anyone to see me because they would judge me as one of the bogans that live there. Which i often feel in everyday life i get judged for being a young mum, when really im studying a degree and manage my families business and i have alot of ambition. So im walking really fast trying to get to get to the highway. I come to the end of the neighborhood and im walking in a bush type area as im walking i come to edge of land that is like acliff and people use it as a motorbike jump.  So i now cant get to the highway and i have to get out of the way fast because my partner is coming up from behind us carelessly on his motorbike (in real life he spends a lot of time and money on his bike and our daughter and myself come second) so i quickly turn around and start walking the opposite way from the highway and i am trying to find another way to get there. As im walking i jump off a ledge of land thinking there is land underneath, but i fall into a mudpit and im sinking and my baby boy wakes up and hes crying because hes all wet and muddy. So im praying to god asking him to get me out and he instantly picks me up and puts me on dry land. So im walking again and im all upset because my baby boy is all wet and muddy and its getting late, im a bit lost and just really need to get to the highway so i go back through bad neighborhood and a police officer stops me and im explaining to him im not from here, im not like the people in this neighborhood. The policeman realises so he starts flirting with me and in my dream im appreciating the attention from him, but when i think back to the dream his face looks very sly(i dont know the meaning to that part)

So in my third dream my partners step mum put together a birthday dinner for my partner and invited all of his friends and also his ex girlfriends. Kaein was talking with his mates and his ex's and i didnt have a problem with them but they stsrted being nasty to me and i was left on my own and kaein was enjoying himself. I felt underdressed and alone. And in my dream i was thinking on how his step mum invited his ex's to make me jealous but was acting like she was innocent. Towards the end of the night kaein came up to me acting like everything was fine and i was saying how upset i was because i was sitting by myself allnight and felt underdressed. Then he proposed to me and the ring was so uglyb but i pretended i liked it but at the same time feeling hurt that he so carelessy gave me a ugly ring yet he was over the moon happy with his choice and i was just pretending to be happy.

If you could please help with the interpret i would be more than happy to donate/pay you ifyoucan giveme a link to do so. Thank you in advance x

Hello Ms Dugan!!  Nice to interpret for a fellow Aussie!  Lol. I didn't notice you were from here until I read the word "bogan"!  Lol.  Bit of a give away there.  

In your first dream, how old would you say your baby was?  The age of the baby will give a very strong indication for what the dream is about.  For example, if the baby was 6 months old, think back 6 months ago.  What started in your life back then?  Babies can often represent something new in your life or something creative that you started.  For example, if the baby was 6 months old, and you have been with your partner for 6 months, then the baby would definitely represent your relationship with your partner.  However, the baby might even represent the study you are undertaking - it just depends on what started in your life at about the same time this dream baby would have been born.

A couple of themes stood out in both dreams.  In the first, you said your partner was "carelessly" riding his motorbike very fast toward you.  And in the second, you said he had "carelessly" chosen a very ugly ring!   So it seems this is something that bothers you about your partner, that perhaps he is somewhat careless in his actions and isn't terribly thoughtful perhaps.

In the first dream, you are trying to get on a highway to get were you are going so in real life, I think you might be trying to keep up with and get your life on track with mainstream society - get into the flow of life.  However, you came across a cliff which stopped you.  This would represent obstacles toward your life goals that you've come across in your life.  Interestingly, you had to get out of the way and go a different way because of your partner's careless fast driving (perhaps signifying his "fast lane" type lifestyle?? Perhaps your partner is an obstacle or distraction of sorts in you getting where you want to be in life?).

The baby getting muddy and wet, depending on what the baby represents, might be saying that something might have happened to taint your relationship with your partner?  Perhaps an argument or disagreement has made you feel less happy in your relationship with him?  I also wonder whether perhaps he isn't as supportive - or at least isn't demonstrating his support - of the direction you want to take your life?  He might br hindering you in some way?

When you prayed to God in your dream and He lifted you up straight away, I think this is a really reassuring thing!  It means that whatever hardship you are going through right now, God is with you and things will work out in the long run.  Keep trusting in God and trusting in your happy contented future!!

In the last part of the dream you were enjoying that attention from the police officer, but on reflection, you realised he was rather sly.  So be ware!!!  Be aware that any kind of shake up in life can leave you a little vulnerable to being taken advantage of.  For example, be a little wary of people who seem too nice and good to be true!!  They could be a wolf in sheep's clothing!!  Keep your wits about you and while its fine to be polite and curtious, it might be best not to trust them - especially not with  anything important to you.

In your second dream, this is all about your partner's birthday party - which is a celebration and reflection of a person's life.  So this dream is going to be about you reflecting on your partner and what he means to you in your life right now.  

Also, there are a lot of different people in this dream so its worth just mentioning that people in your dreams often represent some aspect of yourself or your life and don't necessarily represent the person themselves in real life so it can be a bit of a puzzle to work out exactly why these people appear in your dream - depending on their personality and how you think about them.  If you want more detail about this aspect, let me know specifically what you are curious about and we can work through this more.

So in the dream, all his ex girlfriends and friends were there and you were totally fine with that at first.  So this could be saying that you are ok with his past relationships and current friendships in general.  However, when they start being mean to you, this is when you start to have a problem with the whole thing and where things start to go down hill.  So in real life, while on the outside, you might be fine with his lifestyle and his past, and who he mixes with, on the inside, you can see that is causing some kind of conflict within you or between you and your partner.  You were left feeling underdressed (perhaps meaning you are feeling a bit exposed or ill-equipt or not socially powerful enough to handle certain situations with him.   Clothes in dreams are to do with how we present ourselves to the outside world and protect ourselves from the elements so to speak.).

You also said you were left feeling alone in the dream, which is really not how one should feel in a relationship! There is obviously some kind of problem with the bonding and communication between you both.

Interestingly, there is quite a strong theme of acting or pretending that everything is OK in this second dream.  For example, in the dream, his step mother denied trying to make you jealous and she "was ACTING like she was innocent".  Then kaein came up "ACTING like everything was fine" and also, when Kaein gave you the ring, you were "just pretending to be happy".  I wonder if this is what is happening in your relationship now?  Perhaps rather than expressing how you feel and telling Kaein when you are unhappy, you are just pretending that everything is ok and nothing is wrong?

Then ultimately Kaein gives you a ring which he is very happy with, but you think it is ugly!  Which doesn't bode well for your relationship!  A ring is a symbol of commitment and love.  So if this committment and love in his eyes, is wonderful, but in your eyes, is ugly, then there does not appear to be a happy future for you if you choose to - as you did in your dream - act like everything is fine and you are happy and just go on like nothing is wrong.

I think you need to take a step back and really honestly assess your realtionship and how you feel about it.  Sometimes we kid ourselves along that things will change but often, the further you get into a relationship, things tend to get worse, because the longer you've been with someone, the less likely they are to be on their best behaviour and the more their true self comes out.  Your partner might not be a bad person or anything, but your dreamself is saying that he isn't really the right one for you - at least not at this point in time!!!  

As part of being honest to yourself, it might be a really good idea to talk to a trusted friend or family member about how you feel.  Sometimes we tend not to tell anyone when things aren't so great in our relationships because we don't want to spoil that illusion that everything is perfect.  But sometimes the people we care about can really give a different perspective on things that we hadn't thought of.  They can help to give us a reality check and keep us honest with ourselves.

To be fair though, if your partner doesn't know there is a problem, then he won't be able to fix it.  So you do need to be more honest with him as well. If you are not happy about something, be frank and honest about how you feel.  Don't let him off the hook so easily!!!  You definitely don't want to be getting yourself further into any committment with him, whether it be more financial committment, or living together and definitely not getting engaged!!!

Well those were my thoughts about your dream.  I hope this was helpful to you - even though it sounds like you are not having the best time right now.  Please let me know what you think and if you have any further questions at all about the dreams, don't hesitate to ask!!

Thank you also for offering to pay me for the interpretation!!! I very much appreciate your gesture!! If you want to do this, you can go to my Etsy page here:


and "buy" a dream interpretation.  I've got different prices there to choose from, and it is totally up to you which one you buy.  Any amount would very very gratefully received!!!  (But just as equally, feel free to change your mind about paying me!! Lol.)

In the meantime, take care of yourself!!

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