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Hi, Here is my dream. My boyfriend was working at a school teaching young kids about photography. ( He used to be a big time photographer years ago. He works off and on in construction but is trying to reinvent himself and change careers) I was in  the diner with his father. His father likes me and has always been very kind and friendly toward me. He has a poor man's mentality and is always playing lotto in hopes to win. He always sends things to his relatives back home but never buys anything new for himself. I felt content that day. I was very happy that my boyfriend enjoys teaching the kids photography and having some lunch with his father. After we ate, I looked over to my right on the red and silver stool and saw a paper bag. Curious, I looked inside the bag and saw a huge thick roll of money. Lots of money. My boyfriend's father reached over to try to take it from me. I held the bag back from him and  said " Don't even try it".I found it first.  He wanted to try to get the money for himself. But I was the one who saw it first. He looked at me and gave in. He knew better not to try to trick me. I got up and put the bag in my pocket and he walked in back of me out the diner. The strange thing about this dream is that I would never take money that I found. I have a big conscious and knowing that it does not belong to me is enough to hand it in. Not alot of people would do that. Why am I dreaming of taking money that I found AND why is my boyfriend's dad trying to trick me by trying to take the money from me. Thank you so much. I appreciate your time and energy you put into interpreting dreams.

Hi there Michele,

Sometimes the people in our dreams represent some aspect of ourselves rather than the person themselves.  So in your dream, your boyfriend's father might represent that aspect of yourself that is always giving things away and not getting things for yourself.  (Eg: the mentality that "I don't deserve things for myself" because your boyfriend's dad gets things for his relatives back home but not for himself, or "any prosperity I have is due to luck, not my own hard work" because your boyfriend's dad has the poor man's mentality and is always going in the lotto.).  So your boyfriend's dad trying to trick you into giving him the money might be more about your own inner struggle of not accepting help or giving things away when really it is you who needs the help. (Or something along those lines.)

Your boyfriend, in your dream, might represent that aspect of yourself that is trying to reinvent yourself (because that's what sprung to mind about your boyfriend).  

In the dream, you were happy that your boyfriend was doing what he loved rather than just making money for money's sake (I am kind of assuming that's how you felt in the dream a little bit.). Also, you were in the diner in the dream and anything to do with food is about nurturing yourself and helping yourself by getting things or doing things that you need.  Also, a diner is a place where someone else cooks for you so in the dreamworld, it is going to represent getting help from other people or being nurtured by other people.  

Putting all this together then, it kind of makes sense that you would take the money that you found (in the dream that is!)  Money is something that helps us get ahead in life.  It is a means to an end.  Not an end in and of itself.  If in your waking life, you are currently accepting help from others in order to get ahead in life, you might be struggling a bit with whether it is ok to "take" help from others and "put others out" so to speak, for your own gain and for the other's loss? (Given that someone lost the money that you took.).

Personally, I think the dream is a good dream!  It is saying that you are ready to move forward with you life and make a go of things, and that you are not afraid to accept help when it is "there for the taking"!  Afterall, someone did leave that money behind in the diner.  It's not like you stole it out of their handbag or anything!  The important thing to remember when accepting help is that you have to be willing to return the favour if and when needed.  

Well those are my thoughts on your dream.  I am sorry for taki g so long to reply.  Been a bit of a busy week!!!  Please let me know what you think and take it easy!!


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