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QUESTION: Last night I had a dream that I was at my husband's funeral.  In this dream I never saw my husband nor did I know how he passed, all I knew was that I was preparing for his funeral.  It started out with me in a sphere shaped light blue room with candles sitting on a bean bag chair and the person telling me the preparations.  There were people there but no one I recognized.  I was really upset and crying, and I was brought a young boy to console me.  We held hands and this made me feel calm.  The next part of the dream was me in a porcelain bathroom and there was a man cleaning it.  I remember being hysterical and pouring my heart out to his stranger.  This stranger then led me out of the bathroom towards a giant white staircase.  While walking I told him my biggest fear "was being able to wake up the next day after everyone leaves me". As we are walking there are a bunch of blonde women who I don't recognize and I hear them say "she loved him so much". The next part is me climbing the staircase with two women I don't know.  I am climbing the staircase to a room at the top where I know I will see my husband.  This is where the funeral will take place.  I know that I will have to enter a dark cave once I reach the top and this will be my last visit with my husband's spirit and I can ask anything.  As I'm climbing the staircase I am hysterical and crying but with every step I feel calmer and stronger.  One of the women says to me that I seem to be doing better and I tell her "it's because Jeremy (my husband) is with me; I can feel him". And then I woke up.  

I woke up with my heart racing, drenched in sweat and crying.  This was the most emotionally painful dream I have ever had.  I woke up my husband and just held him last night but even this morning I am still a bit shaken from this very vivid dream.  I'm wondering what this could mean.

ANSWER: Hi Angie,  

How awful - it must have been so upsetting!!!   I think this dream is about you coming to terms with some kind of change in you and your husband's relationship.  It could be that he or you have gotten a new job which is affecting your relationship and the amount of time or quality time you spend together.  It might also have something to do with changes to your or his health or some kind of injury which has occurred or something like that.  Whatever it is, it is very much affecting your relationship and there have been a lot of adjustments that've had to be made.  Often, dreams like this can be to do with relationship breakups but I don't think so in your case.  You and your husband seem to be very close and loving toward each other.  I am particularly thinking it has to do with health issues which have meant that you can't do the things together that you used to love to do and so you've had to come to terms with these changes.  (Maybe it is quite a serious health issue??). Alternatively, it could be something to do with having to live apart from each other for some reason.

At the start of the dream, you said a young boy was brought in to console you.  How old would you say this boy was?  This might help pinpoint what the dream is about.  For example, say he was 10 years old, think back ten years ago.  What was happening in your life back then?  How does this relate to what is happening now?  Also, think about when you were 10 years old.  What was happening in your life then?  Does it link in somehow with what you are going through at the moment?

The bathroom part of the dream is about emotional cleansing.  Getting your feelings out there so that you can deal with them and then come to terms with them.  It is good that you were ranting to that man cleaning the bathroom!  And the fact that he actually was cleaning the bathroom (rather than dirty water coming out of the tap or something like that).  It says to me that you really are dealing with things.

Walking up the white staircase is going to represent some kind of spiritual growth that you are going through.  Again, it is a good sign that you are strong enough to deal with the changes coming your way.  The dark cave - you seem to be anticipating, it is like there is something coming up in your life which will be very upsetting and difficult to deal with.  Although you are hysterical in the dream, with every step you climb you get stronger.  The part where you can ask any question in the cave, that is interesting, because often it is those dark times in our lives that we begin to question things.  And through this process of darkness and questioning, we will come out the other end, a person with strengthened or even changed convictions and values.

Your biggest fear, being able to wake up the next day after everyone leaves you...  That is just heart wrenching.  It is so sad.  I think this dream is saying, though, that whatever happens, you will get through it. There will be a new future at the other end.  Whatever is happening with your husband, I think the relationship has strengthened you in a permanent way.  Whether he is there in person or not, the strength you have gained from him will always be there.

I hope this has helped in some way.  Does it make sense to you?  Does it fit with what is happening in your life right now? Was there something I didn't mention that you wanted me to focus on?  If you want to discuss further I would be more than happy to work through things if this dream is still unclear or you've still got a question about it.  Let me know what you think.  I can see you are going through a difficult time right now.  I am more than happy to help further.

Take it easy...

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for taking the time to review my dream and provide your analysis; I greatly appreciate it. You have definitely nailed quite a few of the items. At my company we have just did a fourth round of layoffs and I am lucky enough to still be here. But that is definitely challenging and perhaps that's why I'm fearing being alone. That was also really good to know about the meaning behind th bathroom and cleansing. That makes sense for sure. I still don't know why it was my husband I lost in my dream. We are a dream team and he is my best friend. Luckily we don't have any severe or continuin health problems so that's good. Maybe it's just a fear of losing the person you love most. you mention the age of the young boy. I would agree that he would be around 10 years old. When I was 10 I lost my grandpa who I really was close to so perhaps that's it. Thank you again for providing your insight. It's hard to talk about these things and you did so with so much respect and empathy. Thank you!

Hi Angie,
The job layoff situation really sounds like what the dream was about.  How long have you had this job?  If 10 years, then that's another link with the ten year old boy.  When I interpret dreams, I try to think of all the possible scenarios which might cause such a dream to use as examples and I did not think of that scenario!!  But it definitely explains why your biggest fear was everyone leaving you.  

Another thing I didn't mention is that sometimes even the people in your dreams have some kind of symbolic meaning.  Another dream interpreter I admire and follow (Jane Teresa Anderson) always says that dreaming about your husband symbolises something about yourself (for example it kight be to do with your masculine, protective, provider and logical side).  I never quite believe this because I am somewhat resistant to gender stereotypes!  Lol. But in your case, it really seems to be true!!  For example, if your husband represents security and contentedness, then it woulf make sense, in the context of your job, that this security aspect of your job would come to an end.  It seems odd that someone so close to you as your husband is might represent something other than himself in a dream, but it really does seem to be the case for you.

Thank you so much for your kind words!  And your very nice rating!!

Take it easy!!!

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