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I would love if you could help me out. I've been having the same kind of dreams for a few weeks now. I just got into a relationship a month ago and even though I'm very happy I fear it has something to do with that. In all my dreams I'm driving alone in my car to go meet someone far away. I look at a map and I think I'm going the right way. But then they contact me and ask why I'm not there yet which is when I realize I've gone the wrong way. I immediately turn around and head the right way but I'm overcome with anxiety and stress because I fear I won't make it in time. Then I wake up. I never reach my destination and the dreams take place with different people and places but its the same story every time. I also had a dream where a plane I was in crashed before it even got off the ground at take off.

Hi Rachel,

Firstly, I'm so sorry for taking so long to answer your dream :(.  I've had quite a busy week - I normally don't take quite this long!!

I think you are right, your dreams probably do have something to do with your new relationship.  Because it is really early days in this relationship, it seems like you are really worried that maybe it's all too good to be true and you are worried you'll do something wrong and it'll all come crashing down before it even gets started!!

In your dream, you are driving alone trying to get somewhere.  Driving dreams are often about our journey through life.  It is pertinent that even though you are in a relationship, you were alone in the car.  Perhaps this is saying that you are very self reliant, or you are very used to being on your own, or that for some reason, you don't picture yourself in a long-term relationship.  Perhaps this was due to something in the past where maybe a relationship went wrong, or something else happened that affects your abitlity to feel at ease in a relationship - it's not really clear in the dream - but often, rightly or wrongly, we learn things about ourselves from the past.

In the dream, you are trying to get somewhere, but you don't realise that you are going the wrong way!!  So you really do want to make a go of this relationship, and the good news is that it does appear that your partner also wants to make a go of it, because the person in your dream contacted you to tell you that you were going the wrong way.  Hence they really did want you to get to your destination - if they didn't they wouldn't have bothered to call you!!  (Does that make sense?).

Then when you  turn around and go the right way, that is when the anxiety and stress kicks in because you don't think you'll make it in time!!!  I wonder if in real life you are quite anxious and worried about this relationship thing?  Maybe you are overly worried that you won't do the right thing and it will be too late!!  You probably need to stop apologising for yourself all the time.  It really isn't necessary.  Your partner loves you for who you are!!  

Personally, I think you need to be a little more forgiving of yourself!!  It is early days in this relationship, if it works it works, if it doesn't it doesn't.  The only thing you can do is just be yourself - mistakes and all!!   Try not to worry about the destination so much and just start enjoying the journey!!  (In other words, focus on how you are happy in your relationship right now and enjoy this early stage without thinking too much about what the future holds for the both of you.). Leave the future to God or fate or whatever the case my be.

Also, take your time with this relationship.  Don't rush the whole long-term committment thing.  Enjoy the here and now.  Stop worrying!!!  

PS - the plane dream is pretty much the same as the driving dream.  It is saying you are worried that this relationship won't even "get off the ground".  It is not some kind of premonition thing either, it is definitely about your own anxieties about the relationship (because remember the person kept ringing to say you are going the wrong way and then you got worried you wouldn't make it in time.).

Well that's about all I have to say.  Hope this has been helpful.  Please let me know what you think and sorry again for taking so long to reply.  Take it easy and be kind to yourself OK?!!  Lol!  

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