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I just had this dream about 15 minutes ago and woke up in a panic. It is the only dream I have ever woken up to with my heart beating out of my chest. In my dream it was like a normal day... but not. I went to work (which earlier today I got fired from for being late due to a family crisis) but after a bit, it started warping into a completely different situation.... all of a sudden I was in a back room (which doesn't actually exist, but in the dream I thought it was normal) and all I can remember is sitting in a chair and falling asleep. I woke up to a few other coworkers sleeping on separate chairs, except for two. The room was all of a sudden dark, all the lights were off, but one of my coworkers was helping another coworker light her dress on fire. I got frightened and started moving towards the lobby, where I saw someone... it was still dark so I thought it was just another coworker. Still frightened from before, I crouched down and he met face to face with me. I realized I didn't know him and said hello. He said it was nice to meet me and that it would be a shame that I would be his first victim. I realized what that meant, and responded with, "I don't want to be," and extended my hand to introduce myself... that's when he shook my hand, wrapped around to my side while still holding my hand, and put a gun to my head and shot. I tried to hit his hand away, but he still got me. I could feel the blood run down the side of my head and my body twitch out of shock. I could literally feel the life leaving my body, and I could hear my last thoughts, which were, "I'm actually dying." I felt a wave of relief, regret, and terror all at the same time, and then it was blank, no more thoughts, then it took me a few seconds to wake up. The dream felt unnaturally real; I could feel things, see things vividly, I had a strong sense I smell which I could even describe now.. I remember all of the faces and what the guy looked like. Can you please help me understand my dream?

Hi there Krystal!

Given that you were sacked the day before, I would assume that the dream is about this.  Often, dreams about being killed are about something ending in your life, so if your job came to an end, this would really explain things.  

Dreams get really vivid and seem so real too, when significant and stressful things are happening in your waking life.  A family crisis, coupled with the sack, is really going to affect you in your waking AND dreaming life.

There were a couple of things in your dream that really stood out to me.  Firstly, you said that everyone was asleep in the back room exept for two people, and one was "helping" the other to set her dress on fire!!  The way you described it, it sounded as if the person whose dress was being set on fire, wanted her dress to be set on fire.  Which in waking life, would seem pretty odd.  So just looking at this part of the dream, the "back room" is gong to represent "back room deals" so to speak or things that are going on around you that you aren't supposed to know about.  Note that you and your collegues were asleep in the back room?  Being asleep means you are not aware of things and darkness (it was dark in the back room) also is referring to not being able to see what is going on.

Now to the dress being set on fire.  Were the 2 people setting the dress on fire people you know in real life?  What significance do they hold in your life?  The setting the dress on fire might be about someone deliberately wanting to destroy something or get rid of something.  For example, it might be about a deliberate decision to allow a business to go under or to deliberately set about to close a business.  I am thinking it has to do with your job and the business you were working for but this might not be the case. It could be about ending a relationship with someone and that ending being mutually agreed.  Or, it could be 2 people helping each other to end something (like if 2 of your coworkers where helping each other to quit their jobs and get new ones for example.). It is about ending something, but there being agreement about ending that thing.  

When you get scared, it might be saying that you started to notice something was going on at work and I guess you got ready to leave (because you went toward the lobby.).

The second odd thing I noticed about the dream is when you thought the person in the lobby was just another co-worker but wasn't.  So perhaps this is representing how you got fired.  Maybe you thought the person who fired you was just another co-worker, but then realised how much power they had over your life!   The odd thing is that even though you felt scared and realised you didn't know the person, and you knew they were there to do you harm, you still extended your hand to shake theirs!!  This person said that you were their "first" victim - not their only victim.  So I am wondering if your workplace was planning all along to sack people, but perhaps they thought you'd give them the least resistance and the most co-operation (shaking hands is a symbol of co-operation and agreement) so maybe they started with you??!!

It was interesting that when you got killed, you felt a mixture of relief, regret and terror all at the same time.  Is that how you feel about losing your job?

It doesn't sound like much fun for you at all at the moment.  I hope your family crisis got sorted and wasn't too awful.  Getting sacked from your job must have been a real shock too.  Hope my interpretation was helpful in some way.  Please let me know if you have any other questions about it.  I am more tham happy to help further.  

Take it easy...

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