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I have a reoccurring dream about a woman with no face who has a black long feather resting behind her ear. She comes up to me and she knows that my weak spot is I'm very ticklish and as she tickles my feet then my whole body. As she tickles me the feather starts cutting into my flesh, As I am bleeding from the feather she leans her head back and laughs really loud. I know it's a woman by the voice and laugh. I wake up startled and in fear. At night I am afraid to go to sleep. So I stay up all hours of the night because I know that dream will return night after night. Please help me.

Hi Roger,

Usually, a faceless person in a dream represents some aspect of yourself that is unknown to you or not understood or not acknowledged by you for some reason.  Everything and every person in your dream represents something about yourself.  When there is a hostile person in your dream, it often means that there is something about yourself that you don't like or you are hostile toward yourelf!!

Because this character in your dream is a woman, that aspect of yourself might relate to something you might stereotypically associate with women.  For example, it could be an emotional issue or something to do with being nurtured or how you nurture others or anything else you associate with women.  

The blackness of the feather also represents something unknown or not understood - something that is unclear to you.

In your dream, the woman takes advantage of your weak spot which is being ticklish.  When you think about it, being ticklish is where you have an involuntary reaction to physical contact.  So if you dream about being ticklish, it could be about a waking life lack of control in some aspect of your life, particularly if it is in reaction to outside forces.  For example, it could be an issue with uncontrollable emotions toward others or embarrassment, or some kind of fear of physical contact, (which would make sense given your weakness of being very ticklish), something along those lines.  These are just examples to get you thinking, but it really does seem there is some kind of physical reaction you get which is something you can't control.  

Interestingly, although the woman is only tickling you with a feather, this feather is cutting into your flesh and causing pain - and fear.  So you might perceive that you are overreacting to this area of your life, where you lack control.  Perhaps you are dismissing your feelings and telling yourself you are just being silly.  Certainly, since the woman in your dream laughs at you while you are in pain, this seems to suggest you might be suffering from a certain amount of ridicule due it this control issue in your life.  This could be self-ridicule, or ridicule by others, or a little of both.

I am not exactly sure what the nature of this lack of control in your life is.  It could well be about your ticklishness.  Perhaps it is causing you more trouble than you realise?  But it might not be specifically about being ticklish.  It could be something totally different, or something related to it.  Eg a fear of physical contact could result from being very ticklish.

If any of this rings true for you, then the most important step to take is to aknowledge that there is an issue and acknowledge your feelings about this issue as being legitimate.  Sure, you might react differently to other people, but these feelings are very real for you and need to be respected both by yourself and others.  Don't dismiss your reactions to things as "just over-reacting" or anything like that because your dreamself is telling you in no uncertain terms, that this problem and your feelings are very real!!!  You need to be kinder to yourself in regard to your perceived weaknesses.  Try to be more mindful of your self-talk.  Sometimes we don't realise how negative our self talk can be!  Be more mindful of this and change any negative thoughts about your self into more positive, comforting and reasuring messages.

I think if you are able to do this one simple step, it will go a long way to improving your dream situation.  What tends to happen after this is that the dream won't go away completely but will change a little bit and be less scary.  If you do have this dream again though, when you wake up, try to reassure yourself more.  Acknowledge that the dream is scary, get up, have a cup of tea, and then reassure yourself that it is safe to go back to sleep and that your dream cannot hurt you.  

I hope this was helpful.  Let me know what you think, and if you have any further questions or uncertainties about you dream, let me know.  I'm sure we can figure it out.

In the meantime, take it easy.

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