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QUESTION: Hello, Chook. I had a strange dream a while ago, and thought you might help me figure out what it meant. The dream is a long one, so I thought I might first tell you about half of it, then maybe tell the rest in a follow-up if that's ok. If you just want to tell me about what I say here, that's fine too.

The dream began at Vancouver Aquarium where I went near the shark tank which some rambunctious guests had thrown something into, splashing a big amount of water out, creating a cascade of water down the stairs. Looking around the aquarium, I saw that the way to the tropical and Pacific areas were closed off, and that the tanks were all empty except the ones with the orcas, sharks and grey dolphins. The large tank near the main entrance, which I thought the belugas should be in, was sectioned off, and I couldn't tell whether it was occupied. Posters of Donald Trump were mounted on the walls. Looking down the corridor to the underground marine mammal viewing area, I saw what looked like glowing, yellow eyes, which I thought might belong to dinosaurs, but turned out to be from a projection of Donald Trump, whose face I wasn't pleased to look at.

The next part of the dream took place in a video game like environment, where I entered a shop to ask for a green and gold chest which the shopkeeper told me I couldn't buy because a girl had left it there for safekeeping while she went on a quest. I acquired a light sabre-like weapon and skipped through town until I came across an enemy-like figure in futuristic armour, and the chest's owner. I tried attacking the enemy, but the game didn't allow it, and the enemy taunted me. I somehow managed to defeat the enemy and the girl, who had long, deep red hair tied in buns. I acquired a new outfit by taking the girl's clothes and hair from her, leaving her lying on the ground, distraught.

Then, in a lightly wooded area near the water, a man who appeared to be a swindler and his friends, a mermaid and a snake, were being inspected by an official, who suspected them of possessing an outlawed sort of flower, gesturing to red flower in a box the man carried. The man tried to convince the official of his innocence by putting another flower on the ground which bloomed brightly in many colours, but a hummingbird gave the swindler away by flying to the red flower, proving it was the outlawed flower. The man and his friends ran for it, making me wonder how a mermaid and snake could run. They ran past a chain link fence, then to a boat to escape. I also got into a boat with some other people, including the girl, who now wore a blue dress and had long black hair like someone East Asian might have. As we rode the boat, the other passengers became birds and perched onto various surfaces of the boat, singing. Sometimes, a bird would fail to find a surface and drop into the water. The girl sat on my lap as we rode the boat down a red stream that curved up and down in loops that formed heart shapes. After struggling to get over the curves, we got to a sheer, rugged wall-like surface. Unable to take the boat over it, I suggested to the girl to climb over it by belay. I ended up climbing the surface, the girl hanging onto my waist. We crossed over the surface into a small, lit room, where we were rewarded for completing the endeavour by each receiving butterfly wings. I pointed out to the girl that while I got viceroy wings, which acted like normal wings, she got monarch wings, which would poison anyone who attacked her. The girl gleefully flew off into town.

This was the first half. If you want to hear about the second half, I could send you a follow-up or another question. Thanks in advance for your explanations.

- Jascha

ANSWER: Hi Jascha!!  

Yes definitely you need to send me the rest of the dream.  I really need to know what the ending is before I can interpret.  I think because it is quite long, I will pick out a few things and discuss and do a general interpretation rather than what I normally do which is go through the whole thing step by step.  Hope that's ok.  You can definitely ask follow-up questions if there's something you really need to know.

So far, it sounds like some kind of love quest is going on in your life at the moment???  I haven't looked that closely at it yet, just my initial thought.

OK take it easy!!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi, Chook. The other part of my dream doesn't relate to this part at all, and is more like a different dream. This is the part that was of the most interest. Could you maybe tell me about this part like you normally do, then maybe I could ask about the other part in your shop? It would be great to hear what you can tell me about this dream.



Hi Jascha, no worries at all,

The first part of your dream is set in an aquarium.  anything to do with water in dreams is to do with emotional issues.  An aquarium, then, is about keeping or trying to keep those emotions contained and under control.  In the dream, some over enthusiastic people had thrown something into the aquarium and splashed a lot of the water out, causing a cascade effect. So I tink this is referring to perhaps a time when you were trying to keep your emotions under control, but then something happened which really made it impossible for you to keep up the act and its triggered some kind of emotional chain reaction within you.

Interestingly, the pacific and tropical areas were all closed off and empty.  Being from Canada, you probably associate pacific oceans was being warmer, much like the tropical waters, so this is saying that your "warmer" emotions have been shut down or have run out.  Only the sharks, orcas and dolphins remain.  These animals are top level predators.  So they might represent some strong desires for revenge or justice and feelings of anger and vengefulness within you.

The whole Donald Trump thing, well I think this has to do with other people's opinions which you don't agree with. Donald trump is quite provacative and devisive.   and the fact that you thought the yellow eyes were of dinosaurs might indicate your distaste for old-fashioned predatory devisive ideas and opinions.  maybe at the time of the dream, you lost your patience with someone's prejudiced ideas?   Maybe you felt you  neded to stick up for someone who had been treated unfairly?  Or maybe you felt you were being unfairly treated?  Or something like that? Have a think about what was going on in your life at the time of the dream and see if something fits in there.  

The next part of the dream is almost like a separate dream altogether,  but it is likely to be related to the first in some way.  That seems to be the way things go.  As this dream is like a video game, I think this is going to related to a real life quest.  There is something happening where you are trying to "win" in someway and fight the bad guys.  

In this dream, you said you were in a shop.  A shop is somewhere you choose things to own, so this is going to symbolise choices that you make in life.  In the shop, you wanted this treasure, but couldn't have it because it was being saved.  This part of the dream appears to be a metaphor for you wanting some kind of "treaure" but not being able to have it because it doesn't belong to you.  Nevertheless, you have tried to get thst treasure anyway and in doing so, you have caused some harm to others.  I am thinking that the real life treasure is trying to win over someone's heart?

The first part of the final part of the dream appears to be some kind of moral struggle you've been working through.  The possession of this "outlawed" flower and trying to hide that could be about you being deceptive about something.  A red flower often symbolises love - so again, it could be that you have feelings for someone that you're not supposed to have feelings for.  Perhaps they are already taken, or maybe there is some other reason you're not supposed to think of them in a certain way.  

The mermaid and the snake, well a snake symbolises different things depending on what your cultural background is.  If you're from a judeo-christian type background, then the snake is likely to symbolise deception (and this really does fit in with the theme of the dream, given the swindler and trying to hide the outlawed flower.). The mermaid is a mythical creature which dwells in the water so it is likely to symbolise some kind of magical emotions.

In the end, you seem to have really won someone over as you said down the red river in heart shapes!!  A river really symbolises your emotional journey and path through life.  And being heart shaped again indicates it is all about love!!!

The sheer cliff face will symbolise the obsticles you've come across in your love journey - but you managed to climb up the cliff and get the reward.  The butterfly wings will really symbolise your own transformation and being able to fly is a real spiritual thing in dreams.  So some kind of spiritual transformation I am guessing, you have undergone.  The poisonous wongs that the girls received, which would poison anyone who harmed her, is saying that you are feeling quite protected now.  Perhaps you are now in a stable relationship and are feeling quite content and happy???   

Well those are my thoughts on your dream.  Hopefully I'm not too far off track with the whole love thing!!!  Lol.  If it hasn't got anything to do with a girl as such, then it has to be something similar which has really captured your emotions.  Something you really want, but is forbidden!!!!  Lol.   Have a think about it.  Other than that, well enjoy every minute of your wonderful journey!!!  Please drop me a line, either by return question (I think you get one more question here) or at my shop.  Would love to know what you think!!

All the very best...

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