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Hi. Please help me with what this could mean.

I went into what looks like my mothers cottage to look for the car keys coz I was supposed to pick up my grandma.

As I was looking, my mom emerged from the bedroom naked and just as I was about to ask where the keys were I saw she was now a shemale, while still surprised about that her ex husband (my step father) also came out of the bedroom naked. I noticed my mothers penis was much bigger than her ex husbands. In any case, I asked for the keys, but before she gave them to me, she was giving me stuff, like lipstick, perfume samples, teddy bears for my daughter. I accepted all that stuff and got the key. Then I just woke up.

Hello there!!

This dream is likely to be about how your Mum - and to a certain extent how your Grandma has influenced you and in turn, your daughter.  It is also going to be about challenging gender stereotypes!

At the start of the dream, you needed to go to your Mum's house to get the car keys off her so you could pick up your grandma.  In real life, a car is used to get you from place to place, so in a dream, the car is going to represent your direction in life and your personal life's journey.  Your dream very much revolves around not actually driving the car anywhere, but simply just getting the keys!!!  So this dream is going to be about the very start of a journey and just getting on your feet.  

In your dream, you had to get the keys off your Mum before you could drive!!  This might mean one of 2 things.  Firstly, it could be that your Mum exerts a lot of influence over you.  You might find that you need to ask her opinion or her permission before you can make decisions about your life. Or you might really need her to help you get started.  On the otherhand, sometimes the people in our dreams represent some aspect of ourselves rather than the person they appear to be.  The "permission" orr "help" you require from your Mum might be more symbolic in nature than needing actual permission from your Mum herself.  For example, say you have a decision to make about where you want to go in life.  You might ask yourself "what would Mum do in this situation?"  Or you might be automatically making similar decisions to what your Mum would make.  Either way, you are doing things similar to what your Mum would do and how your Mum would do them.

In the next part of the dream, you get to your Mum's house and she is naked.  So this is saying that you are really looking at things carefully at the moment and being really honest with yourself about what's happening in your life.  You might specifically be looking at your relationship with your Mum, or looking at how your mum has influenced or is influencing your life and looking at the "bare" facts, so to speak.

In addition to this, your mum had come out of the bedroom. The bedroom represents the very intimate a private part of ourselves.  So this dream could be about deep and meaningful questions about who you are as a person or it could be about your own intimate relationships, especially since your step father came out of the bedroom as well!!!  (Eg, you might be contemplating how your relationships are similar to those your Mum had, or something like that.)

And now to the crux of the issue which is that your Mum had a penis!  And then you saw that it was bigger than your step father's!!!  Well this is really going to be about your own ideas of what it means to be female and what it means to be male.  It is about your own internal gender stereotypes and how you are dealing with that balance within yourself.  What is it about your Mum that you think is specifically masculine in nature?  Eg: many people see men as being strong, in charge and in control, being the beadwinners in the family, being the disciplinarians, or the protectors, etc, etc.  Would any of those traits describe your Mum? Perhaps it was your Mum who made all the decisions, rather than your step father????  Now what about yourself?  Are you following in her foots steps in some way?  Or is it more that she is still bossing you around??? Lol!!

Throughout this whole dream, you never lose sight of the fact that you need those keys off your mum.  So I am really wondering if she very much holds the key to you being able to lead the life you want to lead. It might be that you are very relient on her for something.  It could be a financial thing, or maybe she helps you out a lot with childcare or other things??  Or maybe it is more the emotional support she gives you??  I'm not exactly sure, but have a think about it.

Now before you can get those keys off your mum, she wants to give things to your daughter.  And interestingly, these things seem to be quite feminine in nature!  On the one hand, this dream character of your Mum has a penis, but then she turns around and gives you all these girly things for your daughter!!  So this is really about finding a balance between what you would sterotypically associate with men, and with women.  Lipstick is really about sensual communication, perfume, is going to be about how you attract people around you or the vibes you send out to the people around you.  Teddy bears are about comfort and contentment and getting a hug whenever you need one!!  A teddy bear is ALWAYS there to meet your emotional needs, without answering back or having a mind of its own!!  

The final part of the dream is that you get the keys so you can go pick up your Grandma.  So there is going to be something about your Grandma that you see as being some kind of goal or direction you want to head in.  Ask yourself, what is it about your Grandma that you really admire?  What part of her life would you want your life to be most like?  This will really give you a big clue as to what this dream is all about.

In summary then, this dream is going to be about getting some aspect of your life off the ground, and how you are going about doing that.  It could be about any aspect of your life, but I am thinking it has something to do with an intimate relationship or family relationships or your own emotional home environment.  It seems like you are pretty clear about what you want, but making it happen seems a bit more complicated!!   One of the main themes in this dream is the gender stereotypes.  Perhaps there is a real need for you to balance your seducive charm and nurturing side (something stereotypically feminine) with your need for self determination and self reliance (something perhaps sterotypically masculine??)

Well those are my thoughts on you dream.  I hope it was helpful. Mif it didn't seem to make sense with your life at the moment, let me know.  I am sure we can figure out the true meaning of the dream eith a bit more discussion and thought.  At any rate, please let me know what you think.  And all the very best with your current endeavours!!!!

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