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I had a most interesting dream the other night and would love a different point of view.

It started as being on a huge cargo/freight ship, that looked to be hauling lots of goods on the outside, but on the inside was actually a top-class cruise. The bizarre thing was (and I remember thinking this during the dream) that because it was a freight ship on the outside, there was basically no outdoor access on the ship. You could only see the outside world through the windows. But on the inside, it was like a Titanic-era first class cruise. It felt like a theater inside, classy and luxurious. Fast forward, I'm entering a cabin that I knew to be my brother's. It was quite small. I left and went down to my cabin a few doors down. It was basically the same cabin, only with a small stairwell down to another level, which I just had to explore. That level was huge, many times the size of the regular room. I went in and thought to myself "I could spend the whole cruise never leaving my room!" The level actually was a library. It had a ton of books as well as tables and chairs and plenty of space to be comfortable. As I'm walking through I see a figure. It's the grim reaper. There was no sense of fear or anything. I was actually very comfortable with its presence. It told me I could select three bottles of wine for the cruise. There were a number of bottles on a shelf beside it. I asked which bottles it would recommend. I tasted one that it gave me to try, and it had a vibrant orange flavor. I said I would take that one. I tasted another and didn't care for it as much. While it was searching for another for me to taste, I caught it a glimpse of it's face beneath its black hooded robe. It was female, to my surprise, probably about 50's in age. Again, there was no fear about her presence, and I was actually quite intrigued to have such interesting company. I notice how lucky I am to have such a large cabin on the cruise, and reflect on how interesting it is to be on a cruise on a freight ship!

Fast forward, I'm at a football game (American football). I'm standing behind an end zone while a team is kicking the PAT after a touchdown. Only they punt it through the end zone instead of kicking the PAT. I nearly caught the punt. I ask another bystander why they did this. He said to add insult to the victory over the other team.

Fast forward, I'm at an amusement park. The staff at the park seemed very serious, strict, and mean (they reminded me of TSA agents). I'm leaving one section of the amusement park and going through security to another (something like DisneyWorld where there are different themes in different areas). The section I enter is a recent addition, brand new. I remember reflecting on how comfortable and familiar I was with the old sections I had just left. I get in line for a ride that was based on "The School of Rock." There were drum kits outside the ride entrance where kids were allowed to play along with the songs. I remember seeing some kids sit down on drum kits and notice that they seem to enjoy the experience. I notice that they have such a care-free life, and I observed that that made them a little different from me -- not better or worse, just a different kind of life experience. I still feel pressured by the park staff and start to feel like they are out to get me. I start walking and find a bathroom. I find an emergency/staff exit in the bathroom go through it, only to find myself in yet another bathroom. I'm starting to feel a bit panicked, like I can't get out of the park. I look for another exit, and the dream ends.

In my real life, I'm in my late twenties, and about three years ago my business fell apart and I began to feel withdrawn physically and mentally. I thought I was going through a spiritual phase where I wanted to stay home all the time and have space for myself. I was in fact going through such a phase, but I also was losing my kidney function, which led me to the hospital last year. I then started dialysis. Also, I'm living with relatives, on dialysis and uncertain about my future. On the other side, through this experience I've gained tremendous clarity about my life and feel that I've grown in ways I never otherwise would have been able. It really has been a spiritual journey, a sort of "Job" (the bible book of Job) experience. I now feel content most of the time, and welcome whatever comes next for me. I do long for a change in my life that would allow for more independence and freedom, however. That would settle things with my family and give me the chance to live more of my dreams.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi there Joseph, very interesting dream!  Its almost as if they were 3 separate dreams so I will interpret them like that and then draw on some similarities between them.

Firstly, the dream about the freight/cruise ship is quite interesting.  Anything to do with transport in a dream is often about your journey throug life.  In addition, water in dreams is often about emotions so because this was a ship travelling through water, I'd say this has something to do with your emotional journey through life.  

On the outside, this ship appeared to be a frieght ship, but on the inside, it was an amazing cruise ship!  I am thinking, then, that perhaps the way people perceive you on the outside, is not the same as the person who you are on the inside.  And because you could only look out the windows of the cruise ship and couldn't actually get outside, I am also thinking that you don't really communicate your inner thoughts and feelings to those around you, but more that you are simply an observer of the people you come in contact with.

Having said that, it seems that you are very happy with this situation and are quite content to be left alone with your own thoughts!!  Perhaps you are a real thinker?  You enjoy learning and find it really fascinating to figure things out and think deeply about things.  Eg- in your dream you saw that your room was really big and that you could stay inside your own room and explore it quite happily for the whole cruise without even leaving it.  It seems that you have a lot of amazing elaborate thoughts (given that the cruise ship was "classy and luxurious!! Lol.)

The grim reaper's appearance is also quite interesting.  Anything to do with death in a dream is about something coming to an end in your life (and because of that ending in your life, it is implied that something new or different will fill that gap).  So the grim reaper might be there as a reminder that even this cruise - will (or has already) come to an end.

The good thing is that you seem pretty comfortable with that.  The grim reaper doesn't scare you or  anything, so I am assuming that you are quite ready for some kind of change - even though it seems that you would be just as happy to continue on the the way things are going.  Or maybe you are just content to go with the flow of life???  

The bottles of wine are also interesting.  The wine I am assuming was alcoholic?  Which might imply some kind of change in consciousness or being less in control or letting go of control of yourself a little bit.  The vibrant orange flavour of the wine was a surprise - perhaps a reference for the need for a more vibrant zesty personna??  I'm not sure but drinking alcohol often does change people's personality a bit so I think this might be about being vibrant and zesty.

The fact that the grim reaper was female and aged 50 is going to mean something too.  Is there anyone in your life who is aged around 50?  It migt be a reference to some time in your life - perhaps innthe future, or the past.

The symbolism of the grim reaper being female is going to depend on your own personal view of women but generally it is to do with intuition, nurturing and your emotional side.  Perhaps this new phase of your life is gong to require more intuition and a bit more emotional expression?  Not really sure but it does seem to fit.  Anyway, have a think about it.

This part if the dream is a bit of a puzzle or riddle I think.  Maybe it has to do with something you are trying to figure out in your waking life or something like that?  I'm not too familiar with Grid Iron but this scenario sounds similar to what happens in Rugby League where if someone scores a try, they then get an opportunity to "convert" the try by kicking the ball through the goal posts from where they scored the try.  

From your description, It sounds like it was right at the end of the game?  And the touchdown was scored, but the scorer decided not to do the goalpost kick.  In the dream, you wondered why he didn't do that, and the person you were with said it was to insult the team they had beaten.  "To add insult to the victory" as if to say they didn't need the extra point because they'd already won, or that winning would be that easy that they didn't need the extra point.

It sounds like it has something to do with being patronised, or someone belittling you (or it could even be about you belittling someone else - you can't really tell from the dream exactly).  I am thinking that this could be about you trying to figure out what motivates people when it comes to competitive behaviour.  

Interestingly, a very similar thing happened in a rugby league game here in Australia last season between Qld and NSW.  In this game, Qld were winning by quite a lot and a try was scored right at the end.  And rather than the kicker kicking the goal, he just kicked it away. (The kicker by the way, is a really great guy and extremely good at what he does. No-one has a bad thing to say about him.) I think he did it because he didn't need the goal and he just wanted the game to be over so he could get on and celebrate with his mates.  Also, it was a bit like putting the other team out of their misery - not really to insult them further.   

Anyway, the point is that sometimes we don't always know what motivates people to do what they do - especially if we are just looking at that one thing that they did. It's best to judge their overall behaviour.  In the dream, it wasn't that clear to you why the kicker didn't take the conversion so it might be wise not to jump to conclusions about people's motives in real life if you haven't gathered your own evidence as to why they are doing what they are doing.

An amusement park in a dream is going to be about your leisure time and your social life - what you do to enjoy yourself.  There is a real imbalance in this dream between the "amusement" part and the seriousness, strictness and meaness of the park staff.  Everytime you go to another part of the park, you have to go through security. (Is this a normal thing to have to do in an amusement park where you come from?). It seems, then, that for some reason, in your waking life, every time you want to enjoy life or do something fun or try something different, you feel like you are being scrutinised and have to pass some test before you are allowed.  This scrutinisation could either be from other people, or from within yourself.  (You might even feel that it's coming from a higher power??)

In this part of the dream also, you remember thinking about how comfortable you were in the previous parts of the park. This, I think, is about you looking back at your past and feeling nostalgic about it and almost regretful that those days are behind you.  When you look at the kids having fun on their drums and think how carefree they are compared to you, this is also about feeling nostalgic and pining for the past (because the kids will represent a time when you were younger than you are now.)

Getting in line for that school of rock ride is about being patient (eg: waiting your turn, in line).  Is their anything about the school of rock movie that resonates with you?  I guess for me, it is about someone who really forced his way into a job and used his passion to suceed and make a difference. (He was a pretty vibrant and zesty kind of guy too btw!!) He didn't really wait patiently in line - although he owed money and had to do something to get it.  I guess this is saying that something good can come out of a bad situation??

Finally, the part of the dream where you are trying to escape the park staff who are out to get you, well often in dreams, when you are trying to get away from something or someone, it indicates that you are trying to avoid something in real life.  In your dream, you end up in a bathroom, try to get out, but end up in a bathroom again!!!  Well a bathroom is a place where you get rid of bodily waste. Stuff you don't need.  It is a place where you get clean, brush your teeth, etc. Note that when you got to the first bathroom, you tried to get out, but just ended up back in the bathroom!  So it might be that you are avoiding dealing with stuff from your past and therefore, are finding it hard to move forward in life.  Dealing with stuff from your past is simply about mourning and allowing yourself to go through the grieving process.  It is truly OK to feel ripped off in life sometimes.  The hand of fate can really deal a pretty nasty blow from time to time.  Being homest about how you fell about certain things can really help you move forward to the hext phase of life. Mit is really about "burying the dead" in a metaphorical sense and allowing that time to miss and grieve for that part of your life.  

It can also be about meeting conflicts head-on rather than always avoiding trouble.  Facing up to problems and issues rather than always changing the subject.

If this interpretation does ring true for you, then I am thinkingnthat you really have a lot of great things going on in that mind of yours!!!  But communicating those ideas with others is not something you do too much.  Perhaps this is something you can work on?  There may be more need for you to look outward, rather than inward and really make an effort to mix and socialise.  Work on that vibrant part of your personality!!!

In addition to this, while you are a prett content and thankful person, it seems you are a bit stuck at the moment and need to work on coming to terms with your past so that you can truly put that behind you and start making long-term plans for the future.  Let people know how you feel and what you are thinking.  I think you need more practice at communicating your ideas and your feelings. Otherwise, people will make up their own mind about what motivates you.  Give people the benefit of the doubt and give the, a chance.  You might be surprised with what you find...

Having now read about how your life is going, it makes a lot of sense where those dreams are coming from.  Sounds like you've been through a lot for someone so young. With the story of Job, yes you do need faith when you go through such hard times.  I'm not sure what I think about the story of Job.  Yes he was a very loyal follower, but I do think he would've been justified in feeling a bit annoyed that God had just handed him over to the devil.  That's not a very nice thing to do really.  But then, he was rewarded with his loyalty abd faith in God.  

It sounds like you're main issue now is not having enough independence and having to live with relatives.  Perhaps they are the park staff of sorts?  Lol!  If so, it might help to to have a heart to heart with them about things and where you want to be in the future.  I'm thinking that a person like you really needs to do something meaningful and something you are passionate about.  Have a think over the next few weeks about what drives you and what is really important to you.  Looking at the skills you have, how can you make a difference in the world??

Well those are my thoughts about your dream.  So sorry it took so long for me to send it too you.  (I need to really get motivated in life at the moment!!!  Lol!!  But I really did enjoy looking into your dreams.).

Let me know what you think and all the very best for your future!!!

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