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Recently I've been having a dream involving a good close friend of mine from high school. I left the high school halfway through my sophomore year to transfer to another school, and I had the friend's email but my phone erased it when it got reset so I couldn't get in contact with her. Sometime before I left I did ask this friend if I could take her out one day in the future if we were to ever see each other again, and she agreed. Do to me furthering my education I don't live in my home city anymore, so there's possibly no way to ever meet her again.

Currently I have a girlfriend, we've been dating for a year, we both extremely care for each other, and I haven't seen my friend in about five or six years. I've been having dreams involving her (my friend)  in some aspect in the past few months, and they've never been a constant occurrence just here and there, but most times they involve the two of us in a romantic way with my girlfriend nowhere to be found. I've tried to interpret my own dreams many times when I was a kid, and afterwards I would not have those dreams anymore, but in doing so now I've found myself to keep having them.

At this point I don't know what to think, I'm not having some kind of a crisis I'm just really curious as to what these dreams mean, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey there Josh,

The meanings of these dreams is really going to depend on the context of the dream, so if you can describe one of these dreams to me, then we might be able to figure out what they are all about.

In general though, people that appear in dreams often represent some aspect of ourselves rather than representing that actual person.  For example, lets just say that your friend was very studious and did really well in school.  Now if at the time you had the dream, you did particularly well in an exam or with an essay or something like that, then this might explain why you have these dreams.  This is just an example - you might find you associate something else with this friend. If you are having the dream intermittently, then take particular notice of what happened during the few days before the dream.  What kind of events occurred in your life?  What thoughts did you have?  See if you can pinpoint a pattern there and this might help you work it out.

On the otherhand, the dreams might be about the unfinished business you have with this friend.  If you had intended to ask this girl out, and then you lost her contact details, then this would definitely be unfinished busniess!!!  Your current relationship might be triggering these dreams in some way as you think about what might have been.  Your dreamself doesn't really forget about things over time like you might want it to do.  If there is something unresolved, your dreamself will treat it as if it happened yesterday.  Your dreamself doesn't have the same concept of time that your waking self has.  

Without having a description of one of your dreams, all of this is just speculation.  So if you want to send me one of these dreams, I'll be able to look at it more deeply.

Take it easy!!!!

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