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Hello, Chook. I'm glad to see you back in the dream interpretation section. If you remember me, I asked you about a dream I had a while ago which took place in a video game-like environment. I had another dream recently that related to video games and had an insect theme in it, so I thought I'd ask you about this one, as it had a connection to the last one I asked about.

The dream began with me playing a Pokémon game on the computer which took place in some sort of jungle. After a while, the game appeared to freeze, forcing me to exit the window and replay part of the game I hadn't saved. The game then changed to a first-person shooter (a kind of game I don't play) taking place in a white, fluorescent-lit, cramped series of hallways, the objective being to shoot either a white, round target on the wall other players wanted to shoot, or to shoot the other players' gun out of their hand. There appeared to be a risk of being shot if you took too long, so I ran down the hallways, shooting some targets, but finding it easier to disarm people. A few disarmed opponents were angered, so I ran from them into a bathroom at the end of the hallway, shot the pane out of the window, and escaped through it into the night.

I then read comments on the game on my mother's bed in the dark, several comments calling my retreat into the bathroom cowardly, though I figured it made sense for me to do so, my username in the game referring to bathrooms. The Pokémon game's host told me I had come to the end of my play, but could restart the game, and would have to adopt a stray pokémon as a starter which I couldn't name. I told the host I didn't want a pokémon without a name, and was upset with her for forcing this change. The pokémon which was meant to be my new starter, a multicoloured trapinch (which looks like an antlion), crawled onto the bed to greet me, but I rejected it. In the kitchen, the light was on, and a lean, mean-looking guy with blue eyes was in it with a friend. I realized he was the one who added the shooting level to the game, as he seemed bullyish and fond of violence.

Then a later level of the game started, involving shooting at a bluish, weevil-like beetle the size of a big dog which was hanging on the ceiling of a mostly empty house with no lights on. I took several shots at the beetle, which didn't seem to faze it. I handed my gun to a young girl in the house who looked East Asian and had a red, long-sleeved shirt. When she began shooting at the beetle, it climbed down the wall and started attacking her, starting to suck her blood with its proboscis. The girl's father came in from the front door, and when he saw the beetle attacking his daughter, he ran to beat it off of her, but it started attacking him, and sucking his blood, causing his hands to turn into beetle legs, and his face to start gaining beetle features.

After the two left, the bully and his friend came and tried to get in the house. I didn't want them to come in, so I had my malamar (a squidlike pokémon) use psychic powers to throw them away. The bully tried to throw a rock through the window, but a joltik (an arachnid-like pokémon) of mine on the window sent out an electric web which wrapped the rock up, sending it sailing back at them. The bully then turned into a dog and got in through the dog door, coming in to a much brighter, neater-looking room with a wood floor, but the resident household pet, a white, furry animal, came and talked with the dog, whom he appeared to be friends with. The dog spoke in a female voice, and got talked by the pet into stepping outside with him before the pet darted back inside and locking the dog out.

I then left the house, and walked along an uphill street that backed the Fraser river. I passed the bully and his friend, who leered at me, and continued on to meet the girl from inside the house, who told me that her father had committed suicide due to his transformation. I was later told a news story of a boy who lived in a house similar to the house that had the beetle. The story said the boy had killed his father, but there was some dispute, as it had been claimed that the boy didn't do this on his on will, and had been forced by a sinister gangster at gunpoint to do it. However, camera footage from inside the house gave contrary evidence. The video showed the boy having developed strange tendencies before the day of the shooting, such as climbing on the walls of a bedroom, and footage was captured of him gunning down his unarmed father, who had his hands up begging for mercy, before taking off his shirt and giving a valiant pose of triumph.

Any idea what this could mean? I thought it might relate to the last one I asked you about with the insect and video game elements. The pokémon in the dream all have internet pages about them if you look them up, if you find those confusing, you don't have to talk about them too much. I hope to get some of your insight, as I really love to read what you think. Thanks a whole lot in advance!

Hi there Jascha!

Yes I definitely remember you and am feeling bad that I haven't replied to your first dream properly yet :(.  

I've been a bit bogged down with dream interpretations lately so I'm just letting you know that I haven't forgotten about you and I will reply within the next few days.

Sorry for taking so long and thanks for being patient!!

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