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If you are a lucid dreamer, can you choose wether to control your dreams or not?

The term lucid simply means being aware that you are dreaming. If you aren't lucid, then its impossible to control your dreams simply because you aren't even aware that you are inside a dream. If you are lucid and start to realize that you are dreaming, then it is possible to control and manipulate the dream. How much of the dream you can control depends on several factors such as confidence, concentration, experience, dream scenery, and type of action you want to perform.

The easiest skill in lucid dreaming is controlling your own body and talking. If you want to control other people or objects in the dream, perform magic, fly or some other more advance task, then it becomes much harder and you will need more practice.

If your lucid dream starts off as a nightmare, or turns into a crazy nightmare, their probably is little you can do to change the dream itself.  

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I am not a dream Interpreter, I specialize in lucid dreams. With this being said please don't ask me any questions about what your dreams mean. All dream interpretation questions will be rejected. Lucid dreams are when you realize that you are in a dream. Once you realize that you are dreaming, you can control and manipulate your dreams. I can answer questions regarding lucid dreaming, false awakening, paralysis sleep, and reality testing. I cannot answer questions regarding out of body experience.


When I was a little kid I would have 1-2 lucid dreams a year that I could control. As I got older I would have about 3-5 lucid dreams every year, but now I am averaging about 4-5 lucid dreams every month.

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