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Years ago, I had the same reoccurring nightmare.  It went on for about three months and averaged twice to three times a week that I would have the dream.

In it, I was young, in my early twenties and I moved to a commune of sorts.  Many people lived there, we all had jobs to attend to, things to do.  I was trying to escape something although the dream never let me know what that something was, however, I was very afraid of being found.  I felt the commune was my best option as it was so closed off from the rest of the world.

Then one day I had to leave as whatever was after me had found me in this place.  I left in a hurry, taking nothing except a loved one (which changed from person to person with every time I had the dream).  We drove for hours to an abandoned house that I knew of.  The house was in the middle of nowhere, long winding driveway.  

In front of the doorway of the house, there was a large hole in the decking which you had to step over to get into the house.  Once inside, to the left was a very ornate banister and stairway that went upstairs, straight across was a window and to the right of the window was the kitchen.  

In each dream, I would leave the person I was with in the house, make sure the house was secure (locking and shuttering all the windows, locking and barring all the doors and make sure the door I exited was locked by the person inside).  I would then go to town to obtain supplies for us.

When I returned to the house, everything looked as it should from the outside, however, upon unlocking and entering the house, I would notice the window straight across from me was open and the tattered drapes blowing in the breeze.  I would call out to who I had brought with me and that person would come out of the kitchen.  The person would look “odd”...distressed in some way and ask me to come into the kitchen with them.  I would tell the person to just come with me and help me bring in the supplies.  They would argue that I needed to go to the kitchen first.  I then would turn and run.  Whatever was after me had again found me and I would run for my life.  I never knew what was after me, however, blackness would envelop me and I knew in the dream that I was going to die.  

That's when I would wake up, panting, sweaty and terrified.

Like I said, this dream happened once or twice a week for months.  So often that I was scared to sleep and would take sleeping tablets to try to avoid the dream, but they never helped...just prolonged the dream.

One day at work, I was having a very bad day...stuff not working, extremely frustrated and just walked out, took a break to calm down.  Walked down to a coffee store and bought myself a cup of coffee.  I was telling the owner of the business about my frustration with my computer at work and how if I hadn't left, I would have launched the thing through the window.  He laughed and said I should talk with his tech, James.  Told me all about James and gave me his telephone number.  As he passed me James' contact info, James walked into the store.  Al introduced us and James said he would be pleased to help me if he could.  I wrote him an e-mail about my work computer and he through an e-mail back, helped me fix the problem.

We then became very fast friends, spending hours upon hours talking.  We then dated for about a year and a half after that.  Approximately a month into our meeting, I noticed that the dreams had gone away completely.  That in fact, I remember the date of the last dream I had and it was the night before I met James.

I told him about how odd that they had just stopped without explanation.  He asked what the dream was about and I told him.  He stopped me when I got to the driveway of the house and said very excitedly.... “was the driveway long and windy?”.  I said that it was.  He asked if the house was old and abandoned.  I said that it was, growing more and more weirded out.  He then went on to ask “was there a hole in the deck right in front of the door? And a carved banister to the left when you opened the door and a window across from the front door and the kitchen off to the right???”  I said yes to all of it!!  I asked him how on earth did he know that as I had only told one person about the dream.  James told me that he too has had the dream, however, he goes to the house intent on saving someone and does so.

What could this possibly mean?

Hi there Danielle,

Wow!!  Thanks for sharing your dream and weird dream experience!!!  Some people say that they've had shared dream experiences with others.  In fact, there is  a bit of research done on the topic, particularly with people who are good at lucid dreaming.  I personally am no expert on this type of thing but it definitely does happen.  I guess the only thing I can say about it is that now you know first hand that there really is more mystery to life than we realise!!!

The dream itself I can interpret.  In the dream, you said you were young and in your twenties.  This is likely to give you a clue as to what your dream was refering to.  Have a think about what was happening in your life when you were in your twenties.  Alternitively, the thing that this dream is about may have happened 20 or so years ago.  Have a think about this as you read through the interpretation.  

In the dream, you are running away from something and trying to hide and protect yourself from something. This is usually a reference to avoiding something or being afraid of something in real life.  In particular, it is likely to be about keeping something secret or not sharing your thoughts and feelings with those around you.  You said that the commune was your best chance of hiding because it was so closed off from the rest of the world.  So I am guessing at the time of these dreams, you had really closed yourself off from the rest of the world - not necessarily in a physical way, but in a way that you perhaps kept your inner world very private.  In the dream, when you leave the commune to hide again, you take someone very dear to you and you lock that person away to keep them safe.  So in real life, there was some aspect of yourself that you wanted to protect and keep safe and well hidden from others.  In the dream, you are very afraid of being found.  So I am thinking that you had some kind of secret that you didn't want anyone to know.  You were afraid to tell anybody about it.  (I wonder if you ended up telling James about this secret?  If so, this would really explain why you stopped having the dream!!)

Some extra things about the house - in general, a house in a dream is going to be about yourself, your life and your inner mind/world.  This house was at the end of a long, winding driveway - so I am thinking that at the time of the dream, your life's journey was focussed inward.  The windiness of the driveway suggests that you've taken a long and somewhat difficult journey within - perhaps delving into things from your past.  The deck of the house is what faces the outside world and any visitors that come to the house.  Note that there was a big hole in this deck that had to be stepped over.  So I am thinking that there has been a bit of a hole in your life that others (and you) have metaphorically stepped over and around. Eg - something you and others have had to avoid.

The banister and stairway leading upstairs is likely to symbolise your spiritual life.  The fact that it was very ornate is saying to me that you have quite a strong spiritual life - or the potential to be quite a spiritual person.

Windows are about our perspective on the outside world and the kitchen is were we get food and nourishment and is really the heart of any house.  It symbolises the nurturing and caring aspect of your life and how you nurture yourself and others, and also, how others nurture you.

It is really interesting that when you return to the house, the window is open, suggesting that some part of the outside world was let in.  And the person whom you brought with you tries to beckon you into the kitchen but you really do not want to go in!!!!  So I am wondering, if at the time of the dream, you were either seeking help for something or maybe others were really trying to encourage you to seek help for something but you really were resisting getting this help because you did not want to go in that kitchen!!  You said to the person to come and help you get the supplies from outside, but they said - no, you need to come in the kitchen first!  This is going to be some kind of metaphor for what was going on in your life at the time. The bringing things in might refer to you taking in advice but not wanting to share your feelings, or it might have even been about self medicating to deal with something.  (You said you tried to take sleeping pills in order to avoid having the dream so I think it has something to do with this.). That inner precious part of yourself was saying - no - you really need to take care of yourself and attend to your needs first before you go taking too many meds to block stuff out.  Eg - go into the kitchen and get nourishment and nurturing - focus inward.  You needed to deal with that thing that was stopping you from sharing your life with others.  Obviously, this has been a really difficult thing for you and something you really didn't want to deal with - but as you don't seem to be having this dream anymore, you must have bitten the bullet.  You said you got a feeling of being enveloped with darkness and had to run away.  That darkness is likely to have represented fear and not knowing what you will find.  In darkness, you cannot see, so it is often about that fear of the unknown and being afraid to let go of that control over your life.

You said that James also had this dream but that he was going to the house not to hide, but to rescue someone.  So I wonder, did he rescue you in real life?  Perhaps he was the catalist for you getting the courage you needed to face your fears?  It really makes you wonder doesn't it? Eg-  How you managed to meet and how you found out you'd both had the same dream!  Imagine if you hadn't told him about your dream - you would never have known!  And imagine how many times this kind of thing happens but we never find out because people don't talk about their dreams to each other very often these days??  I don't have any answers as to what causes these mysterious things to happen in life - at least nothing of proof - but it is kind of reasuring to know that there really is some kind of spiritual dimension out there that we don't fully understand.  Life would be a bit dull if there was nothing more to wonder about!!  Lol.

Well those are my thoughts on your dream - hope it was helpful.  Let me know what you think!!

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