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Hi. I had a weird dream a while back. When the dream started it was raining outside. I was sitting in an empty room of a small house there was no furniture or anything inside of the room it was completely bare. It seems like it was a one-room house like some sort of shack. There was only me and I was pregnant. I look to my left and there was a window and I could see the rain water Rising. It was Rising around the house. I felt stuck inside. I didn't know where to go or what to do, and the water continued to rise past the top of the glass window. I started to panic and reached up to the very top corner of the house which was the roof because the water had risen inside too and I was trying to escape. When I pulled back the wall, which was like paper, the water began to flow inside of the room. I tried to put the paper back to reseal it but the water was pouring in Fast and I felt like I was about to drown I do not know what happened after that because I woke up out of fear what does all of this mean? why was I pregnant? why wasn't there any furniture inside of the house or people? this has been bothering me for a while and I just can't figure this thing out. is there any way you can help me?

Hi there April,

Dreams about houses often relate to our own inner world.  They represent different aspects of ourselves.  In your dream, the house is only one room, and it is very small, empty and bare.  This is a bit concerning because it seems you're not feeling terribly good about your life at the moment - or at least at the time you had the dream???  To me, an empty house is signifying a total lack of enthusiasm and motivation for life.  You might be feeling quite empty inside??  

In addition to this, it was raining outside and the rain waters were rising.  Anything to do with water in dreams is almost always to do with emotional issues.  And having rising flood waters coming up around you is really saying that you are feeling totally overwhelmed by emotions at the moment.

You said you felt stuck inside the house and didn't know what to do.  So I am thinking in real life, you are/were also feeling very stuck and unsure what to do about how you are/were feeling.  When you did try to escape from the flooding house, even more water comes in and you try to stick the wall back up.  So maybe in real life, you have tried to do something about how you are feeling, but it just got way to much for you to handle and you might have retreated further into your own world, preferring not to talk about how you were feeling with anyone.  

If this does ring true for you right now, then it is so important to be brave and push on with getting help.  There are definitely things that can be done to help you with how you are feeling and believe me, things will definitely get better.  Even if its just going to your GP to get something to help you over this hump, that will make a big difference - and then when you are feeling a little less overwhelmed, you can talk about things then.

The one last thing is to talk about the pregnancy part of your dream.  Being pregnant in a dream often signifies new things in your life or something creative that you are trying to achieve.  The baby was still inside you and hadn't been born yet so the new things or creative things in your life might just be ideas at this stage.  I think the pregnancy is a real sign of hope for you.  It is a very positive sign, although it might not seem like it at the moment.  It is saying that the future holds something different and new for you.  Life will not always be like it is now.  Things change and time moves forward.  There is still that glimmer of a plan for your future that you are holding onto and this is a really good sign!!!

You did say that you had this dream a while back, so hopefully you have already gotten some help and are truly back on track in life.  But if not, definitely get an appointment with your doctor straight away to talk about how you're feeling and what can be done to help.  There really is a lot that can be done and life will not always be like it is now.

Well I hope you found this helpful.  Let me know what you think and take care of yourself.

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