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Hi my name is Zoe, I'm 21 years old.

I had a dream last night and I'm a little worried about parts of it.

Firstly me and mum went into a cabin type house, it was broken and a little messy so we guessed no one lived there, we went in because it was raining. Mum was looking around when I said to her, "I think we need to go, I think someone's coming back", we went to leave and on the porch, was a crazy looking woman, grey hair, looking like she'd been struck by lightening or something, She was waving a blade around, A knife, or a short thick sword, more likely a thick knife. and I begged her not to hurt us, but she hurt us, I'm not sure what happened to mum, but for me I had deep cuts on my arms and legs, they didn't really bleed or hurt, it was just a shock.

The next part, is that I was in a child mental health unit (I place I used to have to go and felt safe),I'm not sure if i was an adult or 14 or so in the dream, in my dream I felt innocent (I mean by worry and care free, in the way a young child is)and stayed there for a while feeling happy., The staff cared about me and everything seemed ok. and it seemed by the time i was in there my wounds had been stitched and healed up.

That's all I remember, If I tell you what I think of it, maybe you can help me understand what's going on and what I need to do, If I say what I think, you could say what you think., if that's ok?

I think about the shelter maybe that was me needing shelter from my problems, trying to feel safe (my mum's depressed at the moment and has been taking it out on me) I think the rain might have symbolized how i and maybe mum felt depressed. and the shelter to keep safe from the rain. I think the crazy woman was either my own emotions (a while ago I used to self harm), or something in my own mind, (I've been trying not to put my self down or let things get to me), so it could have been the criticizing i wanted to do but didn't.Or it might have been that i feel someone in my life is threatening my happiness. The wounds could have been from a few things, (the want to self harm when things get difficult, or how mum's words and a few other things have really hurt me lately),

With the hospital I think it might have been because lately with all my anxiety and depression, there have been times I've wished I could just be innocent and care-free like when I was little, and it might represent my need to feel safe and cared for. and not so scared. So basically the need to be somewhere people care about me and I feel safe and not so scared. Because when I was in hospital (mental health unit), I did feel safe and cared for in a way.

Thanks for reading this. I'm not sure if I'm right or even close, but I'm hoping you can help here. I don't know if I'm right, or if there is anything I need to look out for in the future, like things getting better or worse, or anything like that. Also, I'm sorry if I've repeated anything, I have learning difficulties, so proof reading stuff can be a little difficult.

Hope you can help with this, it's a little confusing.

Take care,


Hi there Zoe,

I definitely think you are on the right track with your interpretation of your dream.  

Any kind of water in a dream can refer to emotional issues and as it was raining outside in your dream, this would signify that you are going through some tough times at the moment.  Any kind of house or home can often be a representation of ourselves and different aspects of our lives.  In your dream, there was a cabin which seemed to be broken and messy and it seemed like no-one lived there, like it was abandonned somehow?  So perhaps in real life, you might be feeling broken, abandonned and perhaps a little messy/disorganised with your thinking???

In your dream, you are there with your Mum, so I am assuming the dream is to do with your relationship with your Mum.

When you got that sense that someone was coming back, I wonder if this had to do with either you or your Mum's depression/mental illness coming back?  You said your Mum has been feeling depressed lately and has been taking it out on you?  The crazy woman who appeared like she had been struck by lightening could represent this flare-up of pre-existing issues perhaps.  The lightening makes me think that there was some difficult event in your waking life which might have triggered this difficult time?

Getting hurt by this crazy woman in the dream would represent being hurt in real life.  Your arms and legs are what helps you get the work done and helps you get through life so I am thinking that in real life, this difficult phase you are going through has really made it difficult for you to get motivated and get things done.  You said the cuts on your arms and legs didn't hurt but were a shock.  So it sounds like you are not really taking things personally (eg your Mum taking things out on you) but they are still distressing to you and they are making things difficult and making it hard for you to get on with your life.

The child mental health hospital part of the dream is really saying that there is a real need for healing in your life right now.  You said you weren't sure if you were 14 or an adult.  Your dream self is really linking stuff that happened to you when you were 14 with what is happening now.  

The hospital part of the dream is really a hopeful sign to you.  It is your dreamself reminding you that there is a way out and there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you are feeling scared at the moment, then that is a big alarm bell for you to seek help from someone you trust and preferably someone in authority.  And if at first you don't get any help, you need to talk to someone else until you get the help you need - which is that need to feel safe and secure and that someone is looking after your interests.  Everyone has the right to feel safe.  If you are feeling unsafe for any reason at all, then you need to let someone know what is going on and keep knocking on doors until you get assistance.  

Perhaps a first point could be to contact the child mental health unit you used to go to as a child? If they aren't in a position to help you now, then they may be able to refer you to another organisation or advise you on what you can do.  Remember that in the dream, once you had been there for some time, your wounds were all stitched up and starting to heal.  So this is a very positive message to you that if you do get help for what is happening in your life at the moment, then there is hope that you can again feel safe and carefree.

So just to recap, the main issues I saw coming through for you in this dream is that you are feeling unsafe and have a need to "get out" of the situation you are in and that the situation itself is really making it hard for you to get on with things you should be doing.  The main message is for you to seek help from a trusted authority. (Eg someone from the medical profession would probably be most helpful.)

Well those are my thoughts on your dream, let me know what you think and if you have any other questions about it.  And BTW no need to apologise for repeating stuff!  Your writing was extremely easy to follow!!

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