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QUESTION: I had seen a volcano erupted far from me , but there were lot of people's surviving and running for help , I ran back to my home ( our old home in reality ) to warn my family about volcano , but they respond indiffrenetly and in cold way , I scream and afraid trying to persuade them that it ll reach our home and we ll die , suddenly there were another volcano eruption in our street in front of our home I had seen from the windows , I said to my family that my prediction was true and if we don't leave we will die , they still looking indiffrenetly , sudden again another burst happened in backyard ground of our home  , I was anxious running all over the said why we are waiting we have to leave immediately noticed that our old home was in ground floor in real , my family still looking indiffrenetly and don't care , I m looking from our home window , I found volcano outside converted to scary dark holes in the ground and exhale smokes , I m still try to convincing my family to leave , my aunt came suddenly and invited us for leaving quickly , my family still cool and no response , my aunt tried to convince me to leave with her , the dream end that I m confusing between leaving my family and go with my aunt to survive or stay with them

ANSWER: Hi there AJ,

This kind of dream, where there is an impending natural disaster, is often symbolic of some kind of major upheaval or major change in your life or something in your life coming to an end.  An erupting volcano, in real life, results from a build up of pressure under the Earth's crust which eventually leads to the explosion.  So I am thinking that in your waking life, there must be some kind of major tension which is continually building.  If there is something going on in your life right now which is making you feel tense and stressed - perhaps it is something that hasn't quite happened yet but you sense it is only a matter of time before trouble occurs, then this is sure to be what the dream is about.  It could be that something in your life which has provided security for you is coming to an end.

In your dream, you are really torn between getting away and avoiding the trouble, and staying to be with your family.  So in your waking life, you might feel instinctually that you need to get out of a certain situation, but because of some sense of responsibility, you feel you need to stay.  It is not possible for me to exactly pinpoint what that situation might be, but just have a think about the stressful things happening in your life right now and this should give you a clue as to what the dream is all about.  Especially if you feel you really want to get out of a situation but feel you have no choice but to ride it out, then this will be what the dream is about.

Your family in your dream were very indifferent to your pleas to leave.  This could be about one of two thngs.  Firstly, the people around you and your family might be disagreeing with your concern about a certain situation.  Alternatively, it could be that you yourself are ignoring obvious warning signs about what is going on in your life right now.  If this is the case, then you really need a wake up call!  Don't just dismiss your concerns as being paranoid or over-reacting.  You have to take note and take it seriously.

Also of note in this dream is that the volcano ended up erupting all around your house.  This is saying that the upheaval happening in your life right now is affecting or eventually will affect every part of your life.  

The biggest clue as to how you should move forward with your life from here lies with your aunty.  In the dream, she was also concerned about the situation and wanted to help.  Ask yourself, what is it that your Aunty can teach you about your current life situation?  What aspect of her life is similar to yours at the moment?  What kind of hindsight does she have?  You may even wish to ask for her advice about what you should do.

Failing that, a dream like this points to something in your life coming to an end.  And with every ending, something new needs to take its place.  Therefore, it is important for you to start thinking about what that new chapter in your life might be.  Start putting some contingency plans in place.  Think about how you'd like your life to be in 5-10 years time and start thinking about how you might make that happen.  

The main thing is to take your current life situation seriously and don't dismiss or ignore your instinctual concerns.  Plan ahead for your future and give yourself options so you have something to fall back on if your first plan doesn't work.  

Well those are my thoughts on your dream.  Hope it was helpful in some way.  Please let me know what you think and if you have any questions or if you still can't work out what the dream is about, let me know.  I am sure we can figure it out.

All the very best and take care of yourself.

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QUESTION: Haha , I felt that you are living with me yesterday dear, I realized all what you point about regarding my real life

Some hint

I m argue with my family since my graduation last 9 yrs about my life direction I m born to be an artist I like to act,dance,do voice over , write , entertain , make Diorama , sing , entertain , radio broadcast , music but I mistaken to studied and excelled engineer but after graduation I want to improve my artistic talents and change my career , really I did lot of trials specially I m scanner personality do lot if things and run in many track , my family as usual life is traditional (job+finance+wife+kids) , but I unbelieve this , I worked a while as an engineer but did lot of problem and fighting bossing worked with my philosophy against company policies , I want to be an independent creator artist or own my business , I live any jobs I received , I running after my arts dream all over the world ,I expended lot of money , efforts , time without any realistic resulting in their point of view so each time they threat me to dump me out of the home to the street , they know well that I couldn't find job easily to let me pay bills specially that hiring an apartment in my country is too expensive , I just live with them , I didn't make a family despite of I reached 32 yrs old , they seeing me like big failure noticed that when I was in the school I tried to enter arts academy bug they prevent me pretending that's arts is bad career ok people work in is impolite and have unsettled life , so I didn't ever forget this mistake they did , this time I probably leave the home and make big deal with my famiy

That's simply what I suffer may that help also my artistic energy each day pass without sharing my creation to the world let me upset and feeling like something burried want to be exploded , sometime I feeling like want to scream or cry loudly because my distracted life , lot of confusion I have and conflicts eating me

Hope this clarify your interpretation

ANSWER: Wow!  Yes that would definitely explain your dream!  Especially that your family cannot understand your passion for the arts!!  I think for your own sanity, you need to find your own space to live where you can be yourself.  You do need money though, so perhaps the engineering could be a part time job or something?  So you have that stability of income, but also time to persue your true calling?  Not sure if that is a viable option?  But some kind of part time work is definitely needed because you need money to live while you get established with the work you want to do.  Moving out of your parent's home will also improve your relationship with your family as well.  There is a saying in my country that tall fences make great neighbours.  Which simply means that we all need privacy and when we live on top of one another, it creates a lot of tension and disagreements.  Having defined boundries between us and our loved ones can really help us get along.  

What about your Aunty?  How does she fit into this?  In the dream, she could also see that you needed to get out away from the volcano.  Does she also have a passion for the arts?  Is she more sympathetic to your calling?  And more importantly, does she have a spare room??? Lol!!  Or maybe she has a business you could work at?  There was something about your Aunty which gives a clue to you how to proceed and escape your situation. Be realistic too with your pursuit.  Try to get involved with more local projects first while you find your feet.  That way you won't spend all your money travelling.  Don't be afraid to go back to arts school either.  This is obviously something that is bothering you, that you spent the time doing engineering instead of arts.  Perhaps there is a way you can still do this study while working part-time as an engineer even?  That way it won't be wasted.  Just some ideas to get you thinking.  There is always a way!!!

Thanks so much for sharing your story with me!!  It always helps me when I get feedback.  It really helps me learn more about dream interpretation and I can be sure that I am on the right track.

All the very best!  I am wishing you well in your passion for the arts!!!

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QUESTION: thanks dear a lot for your effort

regarding my aunt no it is a teacher didn't have any kind of business , it may sympathize awhile about my situation , she raise me up because my mother borned me during her university studies she was 20 yrs old , my aunt was in high school , it is close to my age also I was the first kid in the mother branch family , so I dont know her relation in the dream


yesterday I dreamed with another weird one which let me wake up suddenly @ 6 am and couldn't sleep again , it is ordinary dream not night mare but it is effect me I don't know why the dream is contain 3 separated parts like tv series episodes or movie scenes

first part (1)

I m watching like movie I m not in the dream I watching someone I never known before discussing with my old company boss about salaries , they argue and suddenly the unknown guy stand and beat the boss

part (2)

my uncle was complain me his wife ( in real he under processing of divorcing ) so the dream he complain that he regret about his marriage and faults suddenly his wife appear with her mother they quarrel in front of me , then her mother talk to me and ask me that our family is passive people and don't interfere in this problem and they don't take any positive action toward here daughter and my uncle , she asked me about some relatives and asked me also for contacting her to discuss the problem , I said ok , it suppose after this visit that I have an appointment in coffee shop with unknown female I never seen , but when I try to catch her I apologize that I have to return back my city and I have a train appointment I may couldnt catch

part (3) the most important and effected one

I was inside subway train go to the railway station for catching my train to return back my city , in the train I was talking to myself about my uncle wife mother request that how can I reveal this to my family , my family ll blame me , me family will let me embarrassed in front of this woman , suddenly I look from the windows I detected that I ride the opposite direction , I saw chaos street between to sided trees , I rudely said whats this shit region that's not my way , a decent passanger young man close to my age smile and told me you are in the wrong direction and beat my rudity and said in not too bad you know this region have lot of trees in the past , I said and realized that I speak rudely so I said no no it is good region but I was angry because I miss my way , I have a train 7 pm now 6.15 pm , I have to disembark and get to next platform for taking the opposite subway for catching the train , in stressed way I said I ll not catch the train but the young man smile decently no you have a time you can catch it ( noticed that there are other passengers but the conversation was between me an young man )

sorry for prolonging
hope to interpret
sorry english in not my native language

Hi there Ahmed - firstly, I am so sorry I took so long to reply to your dream. :(. I've been a but preoccupied with family and home things lately.  So sorry I have been so slack.

I've approached your dream as if they were 3 different dreams with a link.  Often there is a common theme in these types of dreams where there are different parts.

Sometimes these sort of movie dreams are about you looking at your life in a more objective way.  Like you are taking a step back and looking at things as if you were an outsider.  In this dream, it is about your old workplace.  So it might be about how you dealt with this job and how you communicated with people while you were there.  In this case, it was showing a rather aggressive and demanding way of communicating differences in opinion.

Interestingly, this dream is also about communication and disagreements!  But this time, your uncle's mother-in-law is complaining to you that your family is too passive and doesn't intervene enough!  When she asked you for help, you agreed, but then totally avoided the situation by saying you had to catch a train.  So in comparison to the first dream, where the disagreement was dealt with in a very agressive manner, this conflict was dealt with in a very passive manner. Rather than meet the conflict head on with physical fighting, this time the situation was avoided altogether.

This part of the dream really seems to be about your journey toward your passion in life.  Notice that you got on the wrong train which was going in the wrong direction!! This is very much like how you did engineering instead of your arts!!  In the dream you complained and said what is this shit?  So in waking life, it is about how you might have complained about your engineering career and how bad yuo felt it was!!  But then the young man on the train said that actually it isn't so bad and you quickly apologised for being rude about it.  So again, this is you looking back perhaps about your attitude toward your old job and thinking that perhaps you were a bit rude about it.  Maybe you were more aggressive and rude toward your bosses and your workmates than you should have been?  Perhaps you took out your frustration on them more than you should have?  Perhaps you are reflecting on this now?  

In the dream, you were worried that you wouldn't make it to the train you had to catch back to your city, but the nice young man said not to worry, and that you still had time.  This is a really positive message to you!  Maybe you've been feeling a lot of regret that you have missed your chance in fulfilling your dreams.  But your dreamself is telling you that you still have time and it's not too late!!


All in all, I think this dream has a lot to do with the way you communicate with people when you have a disagreement with them.  You need to find a balance between being overly aggressive, and between being passive and avoiding the issue altogether.  A more measured and positive attitude toward your life's experiences is needed.  For example, in part one, you witnessed violence as a result of a disagreement.  This is not a good way to deal with conflict.  In the second dream, you were involved in passive avoidance behaviour when it came to a disagreement. This is not good either!!  There has to be a middle road where you can express your opinions and your needs in a calm way - you need to be able to speak your mind in a way that is more respectful to the person you are in disagreement with.  

I am interested in the part 2 dream and how this fits in with your life.  In this part of the dream.  I am particularly interested in why you felt that your family would embarrass you about talking to your uncle's mother-in-law and why you would feel embarrassed by her?  Perhaps the feeling of embarrassment is causing trouble in your life?  There might also be something more literal about this part of the dream about the way your family is dealing with the divorce between your uncle and his wife and your dreamself might be using this as an example of an aspect of your communication techniques.  

In summary, this is really about finding a balance in your life and being more assertive in your opinions and your wishes for your future, and to be more respectful in the way you express yourself.  Being more respectful is about listening honestly to those who disagree with you and trying to find a middle ground - if it is appropriate for you.  And if it doesn't seem appropriate for you, then it is about explaining calmly your point of view and taking responsibility for your decisions.  

It might also help to review your attitude toward your past decision (albeit one influenced heavily by your family) to study engineering instead of the arts.  I feel that the dream is saying that you still have time to pursue your passion, and that the time you spent on your engineering career wasn't such a bad thing.  Engineering is a very highly sort after skill which might help you in ways you don't yet fully understand.  For example, say you want to move to another country to follow your dream, it will be much easier to move countries if you have an engineering degree, rather than an arts degree, under your belt - don't you think?  Your past study can only help you in your life.  

Well those are my thoughts - sorry again for taking so long. Hope this was still helpful.  

Take it easy!!!

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