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Yesterday I had a dream about a blind boy and an invisible ghost. The dream started with the blind boy ( Who isn't anyone I know, but rather resembles me; I am a female and have no children. ) laying on his stomach in the floor of a regular apartment. He seemed to be talking to himself, but then he seemed to be speaking to someone about an upcoming field trip his school was organizing. He fell silent and then said, "But I want to go..." It seemed as if the invisible entity ( which was a male ) told him he couldn't go. It fell silent, and the blind boy got a chill up his spine caused by said entity. The boy whispered a scared "No!", then the ghost started to touch the boy in inappropiate places. It didn't get to the point where the dream got sexual nonetheless. Thank you so much for taking the time for reading my dream.

Hi there Vanessa,

I think your dream will be about something from your past which is still "haunting" you so to speak.  (Eg because a ghost is the spirit of someone/thing who is supposed to be dead and buried but still exists as a spirit.) Because the ghost was invisible and the boy was blind, I think this is saying that this thing from your past is probably not immediately obvious to you, or you might have shut down from it or dismissed it and turned a blind eye or something along those lines.  

The boy is very likely to represent some aspect of yourself, especially since you said that he did look like you.  One big clue to figuring out what this dream is about is to think about how old the boy in your dream might have been.  For example, if he looked like he was between 8-10 years old, think about what was going on in your life between 8 and 10 years ago and/or when you were around 8 to 10 years old.  What was happening to you back then?  Is there anything that happened then that perhaps you never quite came to terms with for one reason or another?  Have a think about it.  

In your dream, the boy was blind and was lying on his stomach.  Lying on the stomach is a very submissive and restrictive position to be in so the issue this dream is addressing will be to do with feeling restricted in your freedom in your waking life in some way.  In addition, the boy is saying to the ghost that he wants to go on a field trip but is not allowed to.  So again, this is really emphasising that there is some kind of restriction placed on you in your life at the moment.  You may want to get out of your comfort zone and explore and learn from the outside world - (eg a field trip is about leaving the confines of your normal environment and learning something from your experience) - but for whatever reason, you are not being allowed to do so.  This might be because of your own internal struggle or fear, or it could be an external force not allowing you the freedom to come and go as you please. Have a think about your life at the moment and whether you feel restricted in some way.  In the dream, the boy said, "but I want to go" so it is clear that you really want more freedom and more self determination, but something (eg your metaphorical invisible ghost) is holding you back.

At this point, the boy gets scared by the ghost who is touching the boy inappropriately.  So this is really going to highlight your own feelings of powerlessness and feeling violated in some way.  This feeling of being violated could stem from anything from experiences of childhood abuse to having a secret reveiled or feeling embarrassed or shamed about something.  Again, have a think about what it might be.  

In summary, this dream is really highlighting something from your past which is still, to this day, causing you to feel powerless, scared, trapped, restricted, even violated in some way.  It might not be immediately obvious to you why this is the case but have a think back into your past to when you were the same age as the boy in your dream, or to when the boy would have been born.  (Eg, when you were 10 years old or 10 years ago if the boy was about 10 years old.) This might give you a clue as to what this dream is all about.  While you might feel like you have left your past behind you and moved on, your dreamself is telling you that you are still affected in some way.  I don't know what this thing from your past might be but hopefully you are able to figure it out.

Well I hope this has helped in some way.  Please let me know what you think.  And if you have any other questions about the dream, please don't hesitate to ask more questions.  I am only too happy to help further if needed.

In the meantime, take it easy.

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