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Hi Chook
I've had a couple of vivid dreams lately.
One involved a new girlfriend and a seal. We were at my parents and opened the back door to see a huge grey seal balanced on the fence. It was shuffling towards something but we disturbed it and I watched it fall off the fence on to the neighbours floor. I was very concerned and upset and wanted to save it, but my girlfriend didn't like the seal,0.
The second I was looking at my parents very ok'd suitcase wondering if it was big enough to take away. Then I saw myself at a ski resort on a sitting snow plough/ski saying down this mountain side.  I don't know who the other person was though.
Can you help analyse these please?

Hi there Gail,

If you are "sitting on a fence" you are said to be indecisive and unable to back one view or the other.  So I think this dream is all about you not being able to decide or unwilling to make a committment to one thing or the other.  While you might just want to keep your options open perhaps, it appears that others might be wanting you to make a commitment to a certain course of action.

A seal is also symbolic of being in two minds or two worlds.  A seal lives both in the water, and on the land.  In your dream, the seal was shuffling towards something (presumably while still on the fence) so I think this is saying that your goal is to achieve some kind of world where you can have a foot in both camps - where you won't have to choose between one thing or another.  When the seal fell off the fence into the neighbours yard, this really upset you.  So in real life, you are probably very worried about committing to one aspect of your life and having to turn you back on, and reject the other part of your life.  

Your girlfriend - in the dream - was not at all impressed by this seal.  So I am thinking that in waking life she really doesn't like you having a bet each way.  She really thinks you should be committing to something and sticking with it.

Interestingly, both dreams involved your parents.  So I think that this dream has something to do with your parents legacy to you.  In the second dream in particular, you are wondering whether your parents' old suitcase is big enough to take with you.  So in waking life, maybe you are wondering whether the things that your parents taught you about life was enough.  Maybe there are questions you have about life that weren't able to be answered by your parents.  

The snow plough part of the dream, snow can often represent "frozen" emotions so to speak.  It is about emotions you have that you are keeping hidden or unreleased.  As a figure of speach, if you are said to be "going downhill" it means that things are getting worse for you.  However, skiing downhill is a bit of a different case and this will eapecially depend on how you felt about skiing downhill in the snowplough.  For example, if you felt scared and out of control, then yes, it might be saying that things in your life are getting worse in some way and you feel unable to control the events that are occurring.  If, on the other hand, you feel excitement and able to fully control the direction and speed of the snowplough, then it might be about makng the most of a bad situation or being able to handle all sorts of adversities and enjoying the challenges that life throws at you.  

You also said that there was another unknown person on the snow plough.  Were they driving?  Or were you driving?  If the unknown person was driving, then this is going to be about letting other people control your destination in life or letting forces within yourself, forces you don't fully understand, guide your reactions and responses o things.

Note that in the first dream, the seal FELL and this upset you?  And note that in the second dream, you were going DOWNHILL? (I am guessing you didn't feel terribly good in this dream but I could be wrong).  So this is indicating that something is going amiss in your life right now.  

As a whole, these dreams seem to be about uncertanties in your life at the moment.  You seem to be feeling somewhat unsure of yourself - like perhaps you don't know enough about something or don't understand something enough ( eg. Was your parents' suitcase big enough?)

If this rings true for you, then it might be time to take a step back and think about when this uncertainty has crept into your life.  What was your life like before you had this uncertainty?  What has changed?  Try to name exactly what you are unsure of or confused about.  Where do you lack confidence?  Where do you feel pressured in your life?  Once you are able to name what the problem is, then you might be more in a postion to decide what you need to do about it.  For example, perhaps you are being pressured to commit to something before you are ready.  On the otherhand, maybe your values are being challenged and you are deciding whether to change these values or not.  Either way, this is something you need to think about before you commit to one course of action or another.

Well those are my thoughts on your dreams.  Hope it was helpful.  I must apologise for how long it took me to respond.  Hope the advice wasn't too late in the piece for you.  Feel free to ask further questions or let me know what you think.

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