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Dean last night.  I am having sex with my partner I see a deposit of semen on his side for some reason I want to get away from him and I manage to escape. Then I am with a doctor he is looking at a circular cell inside me near my hip on the right side of my body.

For the past 2 weeks I keep dreaming of little girls sometimes it's my child and other times I don't know who they belong to.

The first dream I have was that I had given birth to a baby girl and I was leaving the hospital she look older than a new born with a nose and skin colour like my partner.

HI there Rose.  Was there any other details about the dreams you can remember?  It can be difficult to interpret dreams accurately without all the details so I am just gonna talk generally about your dreams to help you find the answers.

Sometimes dreaming about new born babies and children can be about new things or creative things in your life.  For example, it could be about a new relationship, or a new phase in a relationship with someone, or it could be about a new career or new life direction.  It could be about something more creative too.  For example, I once interpreted one of these dreams for someone who was a writer trying to finish writing a novel.  Have a think about what is different or new in your life right now.  

Also, sometimes the age of the baby or child can give you a hint as to when this new thing in your life began so you can pinpoint what the dream might be referring to.  In your dream for example, your baby was a newborn.  So this is likely to be about a very recent change in your life.  However, you said the baby looked much older than she should, so while this new phase might be quite recent, its origins might have started some time ago.  You said the baby looked a lot like your partner, so I am guessing - although this might not be  correct - that the dream is about a new level in your relationship with your partner.  You may have been with your partner for a while now, but maybe recently you've taken it to the next level somehow or something might have changed and so your dreamself is seeing this as something new in your life.  At any rate, you said you've been having these dreams for the past two weeks so the dreams are likely to be about something that happened/or began 2 weeks ago.

The first dream you mentioned was that you were having sex with your partner (symbolising unity between you) and you saw a deposit of sperm and you wanted to get away from him.  In the context of your baby girl/child dreams, the sperm might represent his contribution to this new phase in your life.  For some reason, you want to get right away from it so perhaps there is something about this new level of comitment with him that makes you feel uncomfortable???  Particularly about what he is bringing to the relationship or what his expectations might be.  I am assuming that these dreams are all about you and your partner, but they might not be so just have a think about what is new in your life rght now and this might help you to work it out.

In the latter part of your first dream, you said you went to a doctor and he was looking at a single cell on your right side. Because a doctor is all about making you better when you are sick, this could symbolise you trying to figure out what is not quite right with your life/current situation.  You are really analysing exactly what is going on and what you think about it and how this is going to affect you.

You also said that the babies/children in your dreams are girls.  I know this is really stereotyped but this might signify that it is to do with the part of you life you associate with your feminine side.  For example, your nurturing, intuitive, emotional side (again, sorry for the stereotyping there but it really does seem to be that way in dreams.). Its all going to depend on your own thoughts about the difference between male and female things.  These dreams are going to be about what you see as "female" things.

Well those are my thoughts about your dreams.  i hope it was helpful in someway.  It is not exactly clear from the way you descibed your dreams whether this new part of your life is going to be a good thing or a bad thing.  Given you tried to get away from the sperm, you probably have some apprehension about it.  Also have a think about how you feel during the baby/child dreams too.  Do you feel happy in these dreams? Or worried? Or even confused?  This is really going to tell you how you truly feel about this new phase in your life.  It is a good idea to really acknowledge and address those feelings and take them seriously rather than just dismiss them and go along with whatever is happening for you.

OK well hopefully this was helpful in some way.  If you want to send me more details about your dreams, I am very happy to help.  Please let me know what you think and if you have any other questions.  In the meantime, take it easy...

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