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lizzzzz wrote at 2008-01-12 03:06:42
I have such a similar recurring dream - huge haunted mansion (about 5 storeys) and I never go above the 2nd floor. Every time I have gone further I encounter a terrifying spirit which is so frightening I feel it in my bones and all a round me. Everywhere is just HAUNTED. it manifests in a scary white ghostly face. The higher the levels in the house the more I am forbidden to go. The attic is the scariest forbidden place. Once I made it to the attic - it was so scary I was shaking in real life in my sleep - I opened the door to the attic and there was my real life partner dead on the floor. It was so terrifying I woke up screaming. I have these haunted house dreams about 3 times a week.

sue wrote at 2008-03-18 06:23:27

There is really nothing to add. My dreams have absolutely nothing to do with my parents. My haunted dreams are museum-like, yet I exist here,not reside there. There is a comfort portion,as well as, a fear portion of the dream. When I awake, I feel afraid, but my mind allows me a re-do,of the dream,as if there is a degree of comfort in the dream.

I basically, have answered my own question. I would like to  kmow of others,who have shared the same dream

WorriedMom wrote at 2008-04-10 02:36:22
This makes the hairs on my arms stand up!!! Thank you for sharing. I found this answer while googling haunted house dreams. My 5-year old son was scared to sleep in his bed tonight because he has been having bad dreams. I had him explain them all to me. The middle dream started with the haunted house with the ghosts and doors with no keys to open them. Then he said there are ghosts behind the doors who don't want him to go through. There is a scary roof and it is many floors tall. He is scared to open the door because he thinks it leads to a scary library (which after exploring, I have figured out that it is from a VegeTales video game rated E for Everyone).

What freaks me out is that this is the SAME dream that I had when I was little. I remember I had it over and over again, finally going to mom's room crying because I was so scared and thought my teddy bear talked to me when I woke up. After sleeping in my mother's bed, I had the same dream again, but this time the Care Bears saved me at the end. I don't think I had that dream any more after that. So, I think the key is to have a happy ending at the end.

After I read this post, I decided to tell him that he needs to tell the ghosts it is his house and that the key is really on a necklace around his neck, so all he has to do is put it in the keyhole and turn it to open the door. Then once he sees the secret passageway (his words), then it leads to the beach where he can find seashells, catch crabs with his net, etc. He then added a couple more things like starfish and sand castles. Hope it works:)

Sadie wrote at 2009-05-12 04:32:03
I got goose bumps reading this post.  This is my dream description of the house and everything except for the dead bodies.  I have had this dream for years.  I specifically typed in Google recurring haunted house dream and pulled this up.  I have to admit just the thought of opening the door which in my dream is a double door with big wooden stairs that lead to it is very scary to me. very interesting.

MissAdvice wrote at 2009-08-23 04:31:44
This house has more significant then self, you actually can recieve things in your real life from it. Its just a matter of knowing what to do in order to get it. www.keen.com/missadvice  listing the big house

Lala wrote at 2011-04-16 01:28:25
I absolutely love your website. I had an idea on this one.

Perhaps in her real life she wants to make an important decision or change (open the door) but is afraid because of the criticism she will receive from other people for doing so (anger of ghosts) she mentioned the ghosts said "she is not allowed to open the door" therefore isnt it the equivalent of her thinking a person has told her if you do x or why i will be mad!!!

Betrayed wrote at 2013-01-08 01:38:09
I cannot believe this.  I had similar haunted house dreams.  The house

was huge like a cathedral, and the living room was the most beautiful room.  Upstairs was haunted to the point of narrowing it down to a small

attic type bedroom with bathroom and spare "dark  room".  The neighborhood was beautiful and the price was perfect.  As long as I

stayed on the first floor I was okay, but when I went to bed upstairs in the attic I was tormented by ghosts.  Long story short, in the real world I found out my husband had been cheating on me after a lifetime of marriage and actually had an illegitamate child with this other cheap and desperate woman.  Once I found this out, these haunted house dreams stopped.

Jc wrote at 2013-01-19 01:59:25
I'm currently having this recurring dream. A house that's beautiful. But some things I'd like to change. 1 door that is forbidden from me opening it. Someone else opens it a crack and evil spirits pour out of it. I run from the house knowing that if I just keep running the evil spirits won't get me. I pray the Lord's Prayer and Hail Mary over and over to protect me. The farther I run I just keep ending up in the same spot. Love this website! Very therapeutic!

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