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gawpertron wrote at 2007-07-13 19:14:37
I had a dream with an octopus last night, never happened before, thats why it seems totally out of the blue,

well the dream was a mixture of events including the recent floods in England (which didn't effect myself) but there was a disused canal that is in winchester thats, for the purpose of the dream, moved to the garden where I live. Once the floods had subsided this octopus swam up the canal to my house, which was a total surprise for me, that scared the octopus. Because it was such an unusual event I tried chasing it back down stream, desperately trying to film it on my camara phone, but not pressing record in time when ever it emerged from tunnels or bridges that it passed...I woke up soon afterwards

Nubia wrote at 2010-07-09 17:19:45
I too had a dream of an octopus. My octoput was chasing another creature, blue in color, into the ocean. It stayed stationary as the creature crawled into the water and would you believe 2 of the the octopus' legs followed creatured, cornered it and grabbed onto it. I vividly remember seeing its suction cups.  

Avatierre wrote at 2011-03-31 10:19:43
I keep seeing an Octopus in my dreams. He is rolling along the Ocean floor next to me. He is cognizant of me there with him. He is like a companion to me. He is awake alive and shows his emotion by the colors he takes. He is mainly orange and some times go's red or pink depending on what we are talking about. But we don't talk? There are no words. I remember my dreams and even some times wake up in them and play with it. Either way this Octopus is a companion that has been making a presence in my dreams enough I am wondering about it. I don't want to call "it" an "it" simply because I do not know if it's male or female. The "Octopus" is just there with me. We are traveling together. We are friends. Even if we do not speak to each other like people speak. It's like a chemical conversation. I'm not explaining myself very well. I came here for an answer. But as always there are no real answers. So I will simply let it be.  

asia wrote at 2014-04-07 16:10:31
Okay so i was walking in these woods  but i wasn't  in the woods that long because ,as soon as i seen and spread the tree leafs,i seen  hole bunch of people around yelling and some was running looking at this little but a little deep pond,and i new that because someone had to drop a flash light down there to see what was in there.do when they did it was multiple octopuses scattering out and coming on land and walking up apartments everyone was scared or confused  look on there face like i did like what is going on here..

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