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Dreamweaver/Can't see an image on my uploaded site


I've just uploaded an update of my website ( It looks good on my iMac and on a MacBook Air.

But on my iPad, on the List page, I can't see the content of an img which has all the information on artists in most applications. The content does not appear in Safari, Chrome, or Mercury. But I can see the entire page in Opera Mini!!!

BTW there is an image map on that image, which might be the cause of the problem… Or it may be caused by Apple, who may have missed a bug or two.

So that's my story. I'd appreciate any help to get my website working on all machines. Is there any other way of writing this image map so the iPad can interpret it correctly?

I'm running Dreamweaver 5.5 on an iMac using OS 10.7.

Thanks for any help you can spare.


Dear Rick,

Hope you are safe and well okay after the devastating "Sandy" hurricane hit to UK, this week.

I think there may be a problem with your CSS, for instance the method you called the Image may not compatible with browsers.

Or as you suggested Image map may be fully/partially bugs.

So my suggestion is try debugging your page after rendering by pressing F12 (in Chrome or FF) which opens the debug console. There is another very effective debug tool called "FireBug" you can get for FireFox , from it's plugins page.

Please tell me if I can help you any further.



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