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Hi Vimal

Do you know how the software "scareware" is created? I do know it has something to do with programming.

I'm just curious and wanted to know for educational purposes only. Since I'm a Magician anything that's a secret interest me. There are no books written about the topic on Amazon. It's like a mystery that some how only a few people know about.

I've got some of my own Magic videos online at if you want to see them.

Take Care


Hello Sterling,
         First of all, please allow me to apologize for the delay in answering your question.

I do believe that it automatically displays some errors in the system and warns the user that the computer is in risk. Thereby, suggests him to purchase the software.

As it scares the user and makes him to buy a license for it, it is called scareware. It is just a fooling system to fool the users. Might be developed using java or javascript (maybe also using .net environment).

Let me know if i am not clear about it.


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