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Hello Anjana,
Is there a way to just add an entire folder of photos to dreamweaver as a link because I will have thousands of photos and I do not have enough room on the web page to add them individually. I was going to add them as a link grouped by each folder and each folder will contain a couple hundred? Is there any way of doing this? Please let me know

Thank you very much!

Dear Ashley,

Do you want to add many photos to a website using DW? Let's say you gave a link to your images folder and what do you expect to see in the website, when somebody click on that? I am little confuse here. Can you please explain it broadly.

I am happy to assist you.



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Anjana Silva


I can contribute by knowledge for Dreameweaver CS1-CS6. Most of contributions based on HTML/xHTML/JavaScript/CSS/PHP. Also I know some quick ways to get rid of erroneous, time wasting situations. Also I'm well equipped with editing Templates using Dreamweaver.


I'm in the field of web development for more than 7 years. I use Dreamweaver for most of my web sites. Using Dreamweaver is a pleasure for me, because each second I spend on Dreamweaver, always resulted a productive output.

1) e-Innoving IT Solutions - Owner/Developer
2) OpenArc Business Process Outsourcing - PHP Web Developer
3) Stan Bond (SA) PTY LTD - Web Application Developer


Few sites that I have done using Dreamweaver.

1) http://www.legendmaldives.com
2) http://e-innoving.com/index.php/portfolio
3) http://www.vacationmaldives.com
4) http://www.stanbondsa.com.au
5) http://www.adelaidequalityblinds.com.au/
6) http://www.sybilwettasinghe.com
7) http://www.novels.lk

1) Currently following MSc in Software Engineering in De Montfort University, Leicester
2) Bachelor in Information Technology (UCSC)
3) Sun Certified Java Professional (SCJP)
4) Diploma in Advanced Web Techniques using Dreamweaver.

Awards and Honors
2nd Class Upper Award for my Bachelors Degree with an average GPA of 3.48

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