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Can you tell me what does PHP and MySQL do for websites and how long do they take to learn? Does one need to know these two, in order to design a website site.

Also what does dreamweaver and flash do for websites and how long do they take to learn.

And finally, JavaScript and JQuery, what do these do and how long do they take to learn.

Which of the above is absolutely necessary to know in order to design a website and which is optional.

Greetings, S. Mahabir,

PHP is a server side language which helps you to perform various things in the server, such as make new directories, send emails, create and manage login/registration pages, etc.

MYSQL is a database query language which helps you to create new databases, tables, save data inside tables, retrieve from tables, alter , etc.

Actually Data base is also lives inside the server, so it is important to learn a server side programming language such as PHP , in order to work with databases. For an examples, if you ever want to develop a website which collects and save some sort of information, such as user details, login details, then it is important to learn PHP (or any server side language such as .NET,) and with that query language, such as MySQL, etc.

Dreamweaver is a software which helps you to design and develop websites.

Flash comes to the scene when you need to animate something. You can't design Flash using Dreamweaver, you have to have Adobe Flash software.

Javascript is another programming language, BUT does execute in the browser side. Can you remember in PHP , I mentioned that PHP runs in the server. It means , PHP codes execute inside a server. But JavaScript code execute in the browser, we give it another name as client side programming language.

I will give you an example so you can understand this properly. Assume you have a login page that you need to type correct username and password to enter. If you didn't type anything at all and press the "Login" button, what normally does is, webpage takes empty username and password and check from the database (where username and passwords are saved) and tells in return that those details are invalid (because there is no any username and passwords. See, you just wasted servers time by just checking blank username and password. BUT, you can stop this using JavaScript. Means as soon as you didn't enter anything and hit the "Login" button, you can alert the user username/password missing, please type it. I am sure you will notice this kind of things in website nowadays as those are very common.

jQuery is another version of JavaScript, but with predefined methods. Means, jQuery has developed to simplify the usage of JavaScript, such as write less do more. Using JavaScript you to achieve something you may use 15 lines of codes, but using jQuery you may reduced it for 5,6 lines. It depends. jQuery just simplifies JavaScript.

I hope I cleared your doubts.

Feel free to buzz me if there's any.

Anjana Silva


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