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Hi Anjana,

I'm creating a website in Dreamweaver CS4 and I want to embed videos from Youtube to have them play on my website. I don't have a problem getting the embedded code from Youtube and pasting it into the DW code and having it play. But what I want to do is have links on the left hand side of the page and as I click on the link the selected video plays on the right. I might have 20 links on the left, but I don't want the links to point to another webpage. I want the links to have different videos playing on the same webpage. Like this webpage:

I hope this makes sense.

Kind Regards

Hi Robbie,

Thank you for your question.

Well there are few approaches to achieve this. But I would like to highlight you two approaches.

Approach 1 :- Is to use IFRAME which I am not recommending at all due to various reasons. Such as if you use IFRAME the page will not fully fit for mobile rendering and you'll find difficulties in designing a nice looking responsive webpage. However this is the easiest approach.

Approach 2 :- Is the more efficient and methodical. In here what you do is, design the left menu. Then an area somewhere in the middle to embed the video. Using jQuery, depending on what you click from the left menu, you dynamically change the embedded url of the video which is in the center. You might need to drop the center block (hopefully a div) and recreate it with the new embedded url. So, this is the basic idea of the second approach. I hope the URL you gave me is also following kind of same approach. There's bit involved in here. You need to have a good understanding of jQuery, DOM and CSS (to style) to achieve this. But I can assist you if you need further clarifications.

Have a nice day!


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