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I was recently involved in a collision. I had stopped at a stop sign behind the line at a T intersection, then slowly crept forward in order to be able to view oncoming traffic. I was hit by a truck coming from the left. My vehicle was not moving at the time of impact, and I had not moved into his lane of traffic, rather had only moved to the corner. His skid marks showed that his vehicle curved to the right (toward my car) and stopped at the point of impact. My insurance company is finding me responsible for the collision since I had, after stopping behind the line, moved forward. Even though I had not moved into the other lane of traffic.  According to them, CA state law says that it is not legal to move past that line until the intersection is clear. I will have the opportunity to challenge their finding. Obviously, I intend to do that, since I believe that I was in the right to slowly creep forward in order to be able to visualize traffic. In an answer to another question, you wrote, "IN CA a vehicle must stop at the limit line for the stop sign or at the prolongation of the curb line just past the stop sign if there is not limit line.  then you can creep forward until you can see on coming traffic and proceed if it is safe to do so." Where can I find this in the vehicle code? I'm searching all over creation and haven't been able to find anything that specifically allows me to cross that line. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer me!

There is no codification that states you can creep forward but common sense dictates that you may have to move forward to check on traffic if your vision is impaired when stopped at the limit line.  Your insurance company is wrong to say that you were at fault.  If you were still behind the prologation of the curb then you were not a hazard to crossing traffic and if the skid marks show that then you were not at fault.

But if it does not cost you anything it won't really matter except you should get it into the insurance comapny file so that if they try  to raise your rates you can disput this or dro them as your company and go to another one and expalin the idiotic reason they made you at fault so your won't get hit with a higher rate at another company

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