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I was in a car accident a couple of weeks ago. I was traveling east on Silas Brown St. The other driver was going south on State St. We both claim to have had a green light. I know without a doubt that I had a green light. Since I was not viewing things from the other driver's direction, There is no way for me to know, if it is possible that she too could have a green light at the same time. I ended up hitting her on the passenger side of her car. We both walked away from the accident. I later was told she was an uninsured motorist. I was also told that in order for her to put my car into a spin, she had to be clipping along pretty fast. I was also informed that a traffic light a block or two away was being worked on at the time of our accident. I was not speeding, but since the other driver had a witness come forth, I was put at fault. She said I failed to yield. At the scene of the accident, I was informed by the police woman that there were no witnesses, but discovered on the police report that I later purchased that there was now a witness listed. My insurance company, State Farm, told me that it was my word against the other driver, so they will not do anything for either one of us. I only had liability with uninsured motorist. I have a good driving record and have never filed a claim in the past 35 years or so of driving. I feel as though I have been re-victimized by the police department and State Farm. The other driver gave the policewoman false insurance. I have been unable to get MDOT to answer my question about whether a traffic light can malfunction and give both parties a green light.

It is possible but highly unlikely.  Go to the offices of the MDOT and demand the repair history for the intersection involved.  this is public knowledge and it will tell if there was any repairs that had to be done at the intersection at the time of your incident

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