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I've got a new job that's starting at the end of July, and I'll probably be living around 60-75 mins away from my workplace on foot. I've been thinking about learning to drive, but I've never driven before (but I have passed my theory).

My dilemma is whether to take an intensive driving course or not, as the general consensus is that even though I might pass the test, I won't have enough road experience. Normal driving lessons would take too long, and being in London, virtually impossible to book for the time I need to pass by. I've found one that claims to teach in five days, as well as offering free lessons if I fail the test, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea.

Other modes of transport (namely walking and buses) are out as the former would take too long and the latter is too unreliable. My only other realistic option is cycling, but I'm not too comfortable with cycling on roads.


Outside of using a bicycle, I would suggest the 5 day course and then start going to the location of your work in the wee hours of the day to get the route down pat.  Then start to go the same route later and later as traffic picks up.  That way you can become comfortable with driving the route when you start the job.

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