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AzDrummer wrote at 2010-02-05 15:52:40
Projectors aren't that old. The lugs on the Projectors are all the same. The lugs on the floor tom aren't like the rest. The lugs on the Kick and toms are like what on the projectors, but not the floor tom.

claude wrote at 2012-10-26 03:27:04

I have the same drum !!

Never saw another picture of a drum like mine !!

Inside the snare drum it is written 1973...the only date found on my drum kit...

My parents bought it for me back in 1985...(used)

Good information about premier drums on this page...


Claude (Canada)  

elijah wrote at 2015-05-19 13:27:23
I have the same as well never seen another set either donít know what model or year they are looked through all the old catalogues for it couldnít find them any were.  

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